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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Massage Therapist

Spa treatments and massages have become quite well-known lately among consumers. Their popularity can be attributed to their affordability, the types of exclusive services that they offer and their accessibility. With this increase in demand, and the massive numbers of massage schools popping up, how can the customer protect themselves and ensure that they are receiving quality service? Here are five questions that you can ask your massage therapist before you retain their services:

1. How long have you been in business?

An experienced massage therapist knows how the body works, and they should have at least five years of experience in the trade. This will not only show in their work, but you can get a feel for their dedication and passion to the business as you talk to them.

2. What are your qualifications?

There are a variety of schools and approaches in massage therapy and this can help you decide the expertise and competence of a person. A massage therapist that has been taught by a business oriented school is only concerned with making a profit. Look for someone who has over 500 hours of training at a reputable school. They should also take continuing education classes to keep up to date with the latest relaxation techniques.

3. What style of massage do you prefer?

A spa offers a variety of treatment packages from Swedish massage to deep tissue. You can ask ahead of time what your massage therapist specializes in, so you can determine if this meets with your specific needs.

4. Are you certified in any other modalities?

Many massage therapists seek additional training in other modalities like Shiatsu, reflexology and Thai massage. You can also ask about the extent of their training. Did they learn massage therapy from a weekend class or 6 month college course?

5. What should I expect from the Session?

Every massage therapist has their own style and technique. In order to find someone to your liking, you may want to ask them what you should expect during your appointment. You can ask them what types of oils they use on your skin, do they dim the lights or do you like to socialize during the appointment?

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Press Release

Jody Stork is Presented with the 2008 Performance Health Humanitarian Award by Hygenic Corp at FSMTA Convention in Boca Raton Florida.
Melbourne, FL – July 18, 2008:

Jody Stork, LMT was recently honored at the annual Florida State Massage Therapy Association Convention in Boca Raton, FL. Jody was recognized at the conference and presented with the 2008 Performance Health Humanitarian Award for Unselfishly Helping Others sponsored by Hygenic Corp. Hygenic Corp will facilitate a contribution of $500 in honor of Jody Stork to the charity of her choice. Hygenic Corp is the parent company of : Performance Health the manufacturer of Biofreeze. Upon receiving the award, Jody made a special point to thank the staff of Space Coast Health Institute, and the students past and present. Jody shares this award with the many people she interacts with every day, without them, it would not be possible. She is highly respected within the massage community, as well as, the State of Florida for her generosity. Jody resides in Melbourne with her husband Rick Stork. Together, they established Space Coast Health Institute and Space Coast Massage & Spa (#mm3853).