Suffer From Migraines?

Posted: January 12th, 2021

Anyone who has ever suffered from severe headaches or migraines knows just how debilitating they can be. They can cause disruptions in your personal life and professional life. Whether migraines hit you once in a while or on a regular basis, finding relief is definitely a top priority.

Massage therapy can help increase your serotonin levels, not only lifting your mood, but also relieving migraine pain and tension relief. Head massages have been used to relieve tension, which helps to alleviate migraine pain. 

Those of us who suffer from migraines may experience different triggers which can cause an episode, which is why these severe headaches are hard to predict and treat. Massage offers many other benefits beyond pain relief, including reduced stress, including depression and anxiety. It also helps improve circulation and oxygen flow within the body as well as improved muscle recovery and joint flexibility. 

Massage therapy can have a positive impact on your heath in many ways, such as reducing the pain and frequency of migraines. As with any therapy, talk to your physician about adding massage as part of your migraine management.

Do not allow migraines overtake your life, as it may take seeing a of couple different massage therapists until you find one that meets your needs and helps relieve your pain. But don't give up! We have amazing therapists who are more than happy to work with you. Just be sure you are open with them and let them know where you are feeling the most tension. If nothing else, at least take time to relax a little bit!