Benefits of Exfoliating

Posted: February 18th, 2021

Exfoliating has always been one of my favorite skincare steps. There is just something about it that feels refreshing and freeing, almost like I'm setting my complexion back to its natural, fresh state. Especially if i have been wearing makeup a lot lately and my skin feels congested. When people who have drier skin exfoliate, it removes dead and dry skin cells. But when someone with oiler skin exfoliates, it not only removes dead skin cells but it also helps increase the skin's radiance, clarity, and youthfulness, and that's just the start!

Unclogs Pores

When exfoliating, you are effectively unclogging your pores. The exfoliating process sweeps away dead and dry skin, along with all the other surface debris that might remain on your skin after cleansing. It also prevents debris from making its way into your pores and causing stubborn stoppages in the form of whiteheads and blackheads. These are the two skin issues that people have a very hard time overcoming, which is why exfoliating is very important. It helps prevent these issues from becoming issues in the first place. Dead skin is known to seal our pores, so when sebaceous glands produce oils, they get trapped under the dry skin. Thus resulting in breakouts since there is no where for the oil to go.

Prevents Acne

Similarly to how unclogging your pores prevents whiteheads and blackheads, it also helps prevent other blemishes as well, such as acne. So when you exfoliate and unclog your pores, you are also reducing your chances of getting acne. But please if you do suffer from acne, I'm not saying exfoliate until your skin is raw. Just start adding it into your routine, using something with beads or small grains nothing too harsh, depending on your skins sensitivity. Listen to your skin, if it is ever too sensitive or red after exfoliating, reduce your frequency.

Helps Other Skincare Products Sink in Deeper

So now that your pores are unclogged and the surface of your skin is smoothed and rid of any dead or dry skin, your other skincare products are able to penetrate on a deeper level. Exfoliation helps serums, and moisturizers to penetrate deeper into your skin. When you use something that is rich with nourishing ingredients, it penetrates deeper in the skin, which work more effectively. That is why exfoliation should always be included in your skincare routine, so your IMAGE moisturizers and serums can work their magic and do what they are intended for. 

It Evens Skin Tone

People that suffer with dark spots, rough texture, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars know just how frustrating they can be to treat. I have seen where some people who have suffered from old acne scars who have added exfoliation to their regular routine have seen a huge difference in the way their skin looks. It may take time and dedication, but exfoliants will break down the dry and dead skin, which helps smooth the texture and will in time make the skin look more uniform over time.