What to Expect at One's First Massage

Posted: November 14th, 2011

A massage is a time for relaxation and the release of stress and pain. However, those who are having a massage for the first time may experience some concern and nervousness if they do not know what to expect. While massages may be used for a variety of reasons, many of the steps in the process remain the same. First, the timing of the massage should be considered carefully. It should be at a time of day when the individual can devote an extended period of time to it. Time will be required before and after the massage for a small amount of paperwork as well as for discussion and relaxation. The massage therapist will request some basic health history and will ask questions regarding the area to be massaged. During the massage, the masseuse will always retain a spirit of professionalism and privacy. There is no need to be nervous or embarrassed about one's body image. The therapist will never be judgmental nor will they make unnecessary comments about the body. Private areas of the body will remain covered at all times. The environment will be soothing and will often have low lighting, soft music and aromatic scents to aid in the full body experience. Professional massage therapists are trained to provide the best possible experience at Space Coast Massage. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 321-729-9000. A Space Coast massage is sure to provide relaxation and relief of pain.