What is a Back Facial?

Posted: October 19th, 2011

Beauty treatments have long been a trend in our modern society. We spend thousands each year buying over the counter products that keep us looking young and promising to give us great looking skin. We get facials and chemical peels to maintain our youthful appearance and beauty. There is a new trend on the scene and women are flocking to get the back facial. This new beauty treatment referred to by some spas as a bacial is designed to help keep the back smooth, clear, and moisturized. The treatment process includes steaming to open the pores and is followed by a deep cleansing and exfoliation. If there are any clogged pores, they can be extracted and removed. Next, the back is moisturized followed by a relaxing massage. There are other kinds of treatments available including dermabrasion and different kinds of chemical peels. It is important to let the staff know of any allergies ahead of time. They do not recommend this treatment for pregnant women because the client is required to lie on their stomach. Men can also receive these treatments, as well. The bacials are also beneficial in the treatment of acne. It is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon and get a deep cleansing on an area of our body that for the most part is somewhat hard to reach. In addition, a massage that is so relaxing it aids in soothing away the aches and pains. So why not treat yourself to a back facial at Space Coast Massageand enjoy this exciting new addition our beauty rituals.