Special Body Treatments

With any of the Specialty Body Treatments you are entitled to a free half-hour consultation (with the exception of the half-hour Steamy Wonder).

● Dermasonic Cellulite Treatments ● Advanced Body Sculpting
● Sudatronic Slimming System ● Vibrational Beauty Therapy
● DNA Cryostem Facial ● Steam Fango
● Steamy Wonder ● Lift & Tone Facial
● Organic Facial  

Dermasonic Cellulite Treatments

This treatment combines two medically proven synergistic modalities, ultrasound and Non-Invasive Subdermal Therapy (N.I.S.T.) for exceptional cellulite reduction, localized fat reduction, body contouring and skin smoothing treatments. Free 1/2 hr. consultations available. $67

Advanced Body Sculpting

Lose inches with this amazing therapy! Hot & Cold gels are used to speed up metabolism, plus advanced micro electronics, heat, vibration and micro current help the body burn fat.

  • Thighs & Legs $79 /session
  • Waist & Back $69 /session
  • Buttox Lift $69 /session

Sudatronic Slimming System

Burn up to 4,000 calories. The latest by La Rose Blanche of Paris. An exfoliation or body brushing starts the processes, then Oleaslim oil is massaged on your body and then you are cocooned in the Sudatronic blanket.

After about 20 minutes you start to perspire. When this happens you spend 10 more minutes in the cocoon. You are then wiped down with a warm wet towel and dried, or you may choose to take a trip to our shower. This is a slow process, but results are lasting. Many of our clients feel relaxed and energized after this therapy. $79

Vibrational Beauty Therapy

Micro electronic facial enhancement. The process has been made popular by Tracey Martin of New York. She works on many of the Stars and the treatment has been shown on Oprah and Dr. Phil. Microelectronics stimulates the muscles of the face; this brings about a lifting effect. Organic products are used to help achieve excellent results. $67

DNA Cryostem Facial

This is the latest from California. Only about 10 Aestheticians in the State of Florida are certified in this process. The Cryostem is applied with sterile gloves, a pipette is used to dispense the product after it thaws out and a facial mask is worn by the Aesthetician so no DNA can be transferred.

The cryostem is applied with a tapping motion, a tightening of the skin is felt in about one minute, then DNA Organic products are applied to complete the process. The DNA Cryostem stays active for 6 days bringing new life to your facial skin. This is a state-of-the-art facial, with products imported from France. 5-6 sessions are the average protocol. $150 /session

Stem Fango

The benefits of steam with Fango to draw out body toxins. This along with the steam, makes a very relaxing and refreshing experience. Your skin will feel baby soft. $70

Steamy Wonder

A 1/2 hour of steam for relaxation and cleansing. Enjoy a 1/2 hour relaxing in a steam canopy. You will feel relaxed and refreshed after this adventure. $40

Lift & Tone Facial

This is a complete facial that uses ultrasound waves to help diminish the look of wrinkles. For that special night out, they will notice something different about you and we won’t tell. $67

Organic Facial

All natural DNA products are used from the cleanse to the lemon grass mask to the Vodka & Witch Hazel cleanse and the Ocean mineral gel tone. Vitamin “A” is used to help minimize pores, lift and firm, then a moisturizer and eye cream is applied. Finishing this facial is a misting of Rose Petals and Nuero Water moisturizing spray. Both you and your skin will know the difference. $65