Rub That Belly Fat Away

Posted: July 29th, 2016

As more people wake up to the joy of healthy living, one of the main things they want to get rid of is a large belly. While exercise will usually get rid of it eventually, you can rub that belly fat away too. Rubbing your belly can decrease its size in three ways because there are three issues that cause an enlarged belly. 1. Bowel blockage 2. Stomach fat 3. Sagging or loose skin The way to deal with all three comes in the form of a four-step belly rub.    

What you'll need:

An area where you can lie on your back comfortably Massage oil, Vicks VapoRub or something similar

Step 1

To rub that belly fat away, lie down on your back on a comfortable surface. Using the thumbs and the first two joints of the fingers, grab the skin of your belly horizontally starting at the lower part of your abdomen, just above the thighs and the top of thegroin. If the rolls are thick, then you have a lot of belly fat to rub away. Roll these folds of skin between your fingers. Again, work in horizontal lines from the bottom of your abdomen up to the bottom of your rib cage. Work your entire abdominal area into your waist area and sides of your stomach. After you have rubbed your entire abdomen working horizontally, work the area vertically in the same manner. With this stomach massage, you are loosening the layer of stomach fat that is preventing you from having a flat belly. Think of this as natural Liposuction. Remember to work your entire belly from one side of the abdomen to the other and from the lower part of the abdomen to just below the rib cage. The first time shouldn't be painful, but you will probably be sore the next day.

Step 2

This massage therapy technique will work on getting stagnant bowels moving again. Using more oil or rub, take the palm of your right hand, place it just above the top of the right side of your groin area and very firmly, move it up then around and down to the left side of your groin. Do this for a minute or two.

Step 3

Massage your belly with the tips of your fingers starting at the bottom of your abdomen and working your way up. For this stomach massage, use a very firm pressing motion as you move your fingers up. Toward the top of your abdomen, try to reach as far under your rib cage as you can and massage this area. Your liverbenefits from this type of massage therapy. Finally, place the tips of your fingers vertically about an inch away from the sides of your belly button and press down firmly while gently moving your fingers up and down vertically. Do this for about 30 seconds.

Step 4

The final step is to brush your entire belly with a dry brush for skin. Some do it while in the shower as well. Brush in an upward motion. At this point, you can wrap your midsection in saran wrap, and leave it in place while you sleep. Healthy living plays a huge part in reducing the size of your belly. Drinking plenty of water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day and doing something active like going for a walk, riding a bike or swimming will also help.