Posted: November 23rd, 2011

Reflexology is an alternative treatment involving pressure using finger and hand techniques. Circulation is increased and people have experienced lower blood pressure. The techniques are performed according to the map of the feet. Each pressure point matches up to different organs of the body to restore harmony.
Reflexology has been passed down through history. It is an ancient practice that dates back to 1,000 BC. The symbols of are said to be recorded on the feet of the statues of Buddha in India and China. It is the belief that the body's vital energy is working with the stimulation of the body through different pressure points.
Dr. William H. Fitzgerald M.D. is the father of reflexology. In 1917, he wrote articles and discussed the ten vertical zones that extend the full length of the body. In his studies he found that certain pressure zones corresponded with the location of an injury. This was quite a discovery in that it served as relief for pain during minor surgeries.
The human body is designed to heal itself. Going to a spa will give you the benefit of a balanced body energy system. Visit Space Coast Massage and Spa to schedule your reflexology appointment.