Massage Therapist: Strong Hands Required?

Posted: January 18th, 2013

The world of massage therapy is both exciting and rewarding. However, it is certainly not cut out for everybody. The hours can be flexible, the career options are many, and -- oh wait; those don't sound like bad things at all.Of course, many people still have some misconceptions about the profession, which is why many of them believe it is not a good career to get into. For example, one common misconception is that you need strong hands to be a massage therapist. While it certainly does help to have strong hands, it is not a requirement. Here is why.The techniques massage therapists use are very intricate in helping your body's muscles relax and heal. Those some techniques help protect the therapist's hands. If you have ever given a massage before, you probably noticed that your hands start cramping after a long massage. That is because you are not using them correctly. A massage therapist learns how to use his or her hands correctly to avoid damaging them. In fact, the techniques are also beneficial to the therapist, helping him to relax while he is giving the massage. Another reason why people believe you need to have strong hands to be a massage therapist is because they believe that it takes a lot of pressure to give a deep-tissue massage. Again, this is false. You don't need to apply much pressure to give a great massage. However, you do need to know a bit about anatomy and physiology to help you pinpoint pressure points that will stimulate the deep-tissue massage. If you ever considered a career as a massage therapist, now is the time to pursue it. You have no reason to hold back from reaching your dreams.