Facial's For Men

Posted: October 24th, 2011

Men have different skin needs than women. Their skin is thicker, theirpores are bigger, and their skin tends to be oilier. A facial for men is the perfect way to pamper the skin by getting rid of impurities, old and dead skin cells, making you feel and look rejuvenated. The facial includes cleansing, a process in which all the dirt is cleaned off the face making the face like a blank slate for the facial treatment. The exfoliation is the next step in your facial; this gives the skin a smooth feel and appearance by getting rid of the dead and old skin cells or any dirt that may be left on the facial area. The pores are then extracted of any dirt or impurities; this step is called the extraction process. A mask is then applied to the face to rehydrate the skin and make it look and feel refreshed. At the end of your facial a massage is done to the facial area, neck, and shoulders. The massage is important for improving circulation in the skin.

One of the main focuses of the men's facial is soothing the skin that can be irritated by shaving. You can schedule your men's facial at Space Coast Massage by calling 321-729-9000.