European Rose Mud Wrap and Ultimate Foot Massage

Posted: November 9th, 2011

After a long, stressful, work week there is nothing more relaxing than a European Rose Mud Wrap at Space Coast Massage and Spa. The highly recommended European rose mud wrap works as you lay on soft sheets, letting go of all tension and anxiety.A qualified masseuse lightly exfoliates your body and follows it up with an all-natural mud mask. Then you will be comfortably wrapped and cocooned as your body heals and rejuvenates. After the wrap is removed, a luxurious body lotion is applied, leaving your skin soft and radiant. To top it off, there is also a scalp massage included to make it a soothing, full body experience.

For those who work on their feet all day, an Ultimate Foot Massage is a godsend. Your feet are soaked in a foot bath and then scrubbed by an exfoliant that gets rid of dried skin, leaving your feet soft and smooth. This is followed with a comforting massage from the knees down, and then your feet are placed into a warm, soothing, paraffin wrap. When you are done, your feet will be pampered and pain free. Also, ask the professionals at Space Coast Massage and Spa about facials, microderm abrasions, manicures and pedicures, and much more. Located at 1070 South Wickham Road in West Melbourne, Florida, Space Coast Massage and Spa is a spacious place where you can let go and just unwind under the experienced hands of its knowledgeable and friendly staff. Call them today at 321-729-9000, to book an appointment and to discuss other options that will help you forget about the daily stresses of life.