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Time for a Manicure

manicureManicures have been used for a long time to help repair fingernails and also keep them looking nice. People will get manicures performed as a routine part of their beauty care and others will only have them performed before a big day. Whether you get a manicure on a regular basis or because you are going somewhere nice, there are reasons that everyone needs to get them done. Your local spa facility will have nail services available to help keep your nails looking fresh and clean.


It is important to keep your nails groomed and manicured to prevent fungus and damaged nails. You will know it is time to go to the spa when your nails are discolored or if you are finding multiple hangnails that keep ripping off.

When you go into the spa, the nail technician will be able to treat your nails and cuticles to help promote healthy growth. They can also remove any hangnails that you do have safely without causing you pain.  (more…)

Make My Nails Trendy

spa, day spa, manicure, pedicure, manicure designs, pedicure designs, nail careHottest Nail Polish Shades that Have Taken Over 2016

It’s a new year, and with new years come new nail polish trends. From bold primary colors, mirage metallics, and grown-up pastels, you will have many colors to choose from when you go get your next manicure or pedicure. Here are some of the nail polish colors that have taken over 2016.


Years ago, sheer nudes and pale pinks were popular colors, but in 2016, creamy beige colors of the 70s are making a huge comeback. The colors are shiny, but warm in tone, and opaque. Beige is a popular color because it is universally complimentary for all types of skin tones. This hot pick is best for nails that are trimmed and have a natural shape.  (more…)

Get You A Shellacin’!

spa, day spa, manicure, pedicure, favorite fall nail colorWhat Is A Shellac Manicure?


A shellac manicure is also known as a gel manicure. It involves applying gel polish to the nails and then curing it with a LED or ultraviolet light. A gel manicure is designed to last much longer than your typical manicures. In fact, the gel manicure can last up to a month without chipping. The gel polish is thicker than your standard nail polish, which is one of the reasons it lasts longer. You can also get a massage during your manicure. The massage can make your nail treatment even more relaxing.  (more…)

Healing in the Waters

Aromatherapy, essentials oils, peony flowersA day spa is an excellent place for you to enjoy the healing power of water therapy in addition to getting a professional pedicure and manicure that includes trimming your toenails and fingernails along with applying a beautiful and long-lasting polish. If you are suffering from frequent anxiety caused by problems at home or work, then ask the manicurist for a specialized foot bath with hydro-jets that will provide stress relief after it massages your tired and sore feet.  (more…)

5 Types of French Manicures

The bride beautiful nails with French manicure5 Types of French Manicures

French Manicures don’t just come in one classic form; there are actually dozens of types of French Manicures. Although all French Manicures are the same essential design, the smallest alteration can be done to make a whole new style. If you’re going to a day spa to get a spa treatment, consider also getting a massage and trying a new nail look.


1. Non-Traditional Colors

Get a massage and your nails done in typical gel polish, but consider choosing unique colors. For example, match your color palette to a theme such as choosing nail polish colors for spring.


2. Painted Details

Whether getting an air rushed pattern over a classic manicure or having a nail technician freehand designs over the finished product, your gel manicure can be easily adapted to something unique. A shellac manicure guarantees a loner lasting design.


3. Glitter and Sequins

While at a spa treatment, add shine to your gel polish nails by having a coat of glitter, glitter painted on in stripes or other patterns, or even by adding sequins to the design.


4. Stamped Designs

A very easy way to add variety to a French Manicure is to add stamped designs to nails during your day spa treatment. A top coat over this stamped design will protect it from chipping, as will having a shellac manicure base.


5. Upside Down Look

Rather than paint a classic French Manicure, have one done upside-down at your day spa. Instead of a white tip on your gel manicure, the white edge will be at the bottom of the nail and the pink will run to the ends. Combine this with another twist, such as
nail polish colors for spring, and find endless possibilities for new nail looks.


Spa Products to Use at Home

spa, day spa, manicure, pedicure, favorite fall nail colorChoose from an Assortment of Nail Polish Colors to Take Home

When you visit a day spa for a service such as a manicure or pedicure, it is possible to purchase high-quality products to take home. Taking home a nail polish after a professional pedicure or manicure is especially important in order to touch up a chip or scratch on a fingernail. Nail polish colors are unique, and if you want to keep your fingernails or toenails looking perfect after a manicure or pedicure, then you must ask to buy a bottle of nail polish before leaving the day spa.  (more…)

Just Because It’s Winter Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Take Care of Your Feet!

.Many people do not make trips to the day spa during the winter months. They think that a pedicure or manicure is not necessary during the winter months. However, there are a number of ways that you will be able to benefit from getting a spa treatment during the winter months.


The colder temperatures cause your skin to get drier. If your feet are dry, then they are likely to develop cracks and blisters. A spa treatment helps keep your feet moisturized. This can help prevent your feet from developing cracks and blisters. Keeping your feet moisturized can prevent them from developing an infection.


Soothing Power of the Human Touch

Massage, massage therapy, day spa, hand massageThere is something significant about the human touch. It can communicate in a way that makes words unnecessary. As newborns, we soon recognized that our mother’s touch meant comfort and security. A hug can tell people how much we love and appreciate them. Even a gentle touch on the hand or shoulder can convey our support for the other person. Human interaction is an integral part of life. It provides relaxation and stress relief.


Since ancient times, people knew how beneficial human interaction could be in the form of touch. Most cultures had their own style of massage that was said to invigorate the body, soothe the mind, and refresh the spirit. Eastern philosophy and medicinal treatment have used this relaxation therapy for millennia. Just since the last century or so have Western doctors and therapists considered massage as a viable form of therapy for stress relief.  (more…)

Don’t Forget The Guys this Valentines Day!

valentine gift card

Spa Gift Certificates Make the Perfect Gift for Guys, Too

Ladies, while you’re busy dropping your man hints about flowers and jewelry for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to find something memorable for him to show that special guy in your life how much he means to you. Most men are practical creatures, so finding a gift he will actually use rather than the ever popular, yet never coveted fruit basket will make this Valentine’s Day a hit for him.


While your guy might not outright ask you for it, a spa gift certificate is the perfect gift for your man to relax. The best part about a gift certificate is that it shows your man that you were thinking of him, yet gives him the freedom to enjoy something he really wants. Spa services aren’t just for women. A spa gift certificate allows your man to choose from a variety of services, including pedicure, spa treatment, manicure, massage, or enjoying a rejuvenating day at the day spa. Besides, de-stressing with a massage and spa treatment or getting spiffy with a manicure and pedicure, could put your guy in the perfect mood to take you out for a romantic night on the town. There’s no shame in you reaping the rewards of sending your man off to decompress at the day spa while you binge watch that guilty pleasure Netflix show he just can’t stand.


So, this Valentine’s Day consider giving your man the well-deserved gift of relaxation and pampering. Let your man relax and enjoy the finer things in life to show him how special he is in your life. And, now that you’ve upped the game with memorable Valentine’s Day gifts, you will be sitting pretty next year when February rolls around. A relaxing trip to the spa is an experience he won’t soon forget!

Are You Gellin’?

manicure, gel polish, gel manicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massage


Is a Gel Manicure For You?


Getting a manicure can be a soothing, pleasant experience for anyone. Yet manicures don’t last. The polish often ends up chipping after a few days, no matter what the manicurist uses for a topcoat. This is where a gel manicure can be a better option. This type procedure is a new beauty innovation. The gel polish can last up to two weeks without chipping, fading, crackling, or peeling.


A gel manicure is a simple procedure, but it is best done by a trained professional. First, the manicurist will file and shape your nails, then push your cuticles back. Next, a base coat is applied and allowed to dry, followed by the gel polish, in whatever color you choose. After the first coat is applied, you will place your nails under a special UV light for up to a minute. This sets and hardens the gel. Two more coats will be applied, and the UV light will be used after each coat. After your nails come out from under the light, they will be completely dry. The result is glossier and shinier than the polish used for a regular manicure.  (more…)