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Manicure  // Posts tagged as "Manicure"

The Only Brittle we want is Peanut!

manicure, fingernail care, fingernail lotions, remedy for brittle nails, causes of brittle nailsDo you suffer with brittle nail syndrome? Well it’s not the end of the world. Seek a remedy for brittle nails that works for you. It’s so annoying when your nails start to grow and you think “wow, they’re lookin good”, and then they start to chip and break. I hate when I see that tiny little white crack on the side of a good nail.  You know that’s not going to end well. Sometimes it’s below the skin level which really means a big “ouch” if it tears or breaks off, it’s a bleeder.  (more…)

Nailed It!

manicure, gel polish, gel manicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massage


I don’t know about you, but a manicure is a fun and inexpensive way to lift my spirits and make me feel pretty.  We all need a little pampering and it doesn’t have to be expensive. With the abundance of nail polish colors for spring, we can play every week trying out different colors. Whether you’re the type that just wants to match your nails to your skin tone, or enjoys matching colors to your outfits, there are so many choices to play with.


When looking for a beautiful color to match your skin tone, think of this as finding your facial foundation shade. Check out these tips for matching nail polish to your skin tone.  (more…)

Get You A Shellacin’!

manicure, gel polish, gel manicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massage, shellac manicureI don’t know about you, but I just feel awesome with a new manicure and pedicure. I love being pampered. My mani/pedi’s are so refreshing and boost my self esteem. We all feel good when we look good.  Whether you have a regular manicure or high end, every working girl would benefit with a good manicure in the professional world.


It’s all about preference for most people. A basic manicure is fine. But when you want to go beyond the basics and explore other options, it can become confusing to know which one you want to try. So let’s take a look at the differences between Acrylic, Gel and Shellac Nails. I’m sure you will be able to decide which option is right for you.  (more…)

Are You Gellin’?

manicure, gel polish, gel manicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massage


If you are thinking of getting a gel manicure, talk to your day spa technician and ask questions. It may not be for you. It’s always a good idea to ask questions prior to any spa treatment.  There are pluses, but there are also some risks that might affect you and your health. For some it’s just a cost issue. A gel manicure costs more than a regular manicure because there is more involved and different products used. Many women prefer to have a gel manicure because it saves them time out of their busy home/work life because it will last longer so they don’t need to make frequent weekly trips to the salon for a manicure. Time is precious, yet we still deserve our little luxuries.  (more…)

Just Because It’s Winter Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Take Care of Your Feet!

pedicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massageOh that dreaded winter time again. Baby its cold outside. Time to put away the summer sandals for closed shoes again. Our poor tootsies, if they could only talk. Wintertime can be hard on the feet, literally. So it’s important to take care of your winter feet all year long.


Your feet really need a lot of love in the winter. They are tucked away in thick socks and boots, not getting any air and sweating. Boots and closed shoes fend off the cold. Dry air outside and overheated air inside will result in dry, cracked heels, and itchy peeling skin. It is important to properly clean, moisturize and exfoliate to protect your feet. This skin care regimen will help keep your feet feeling comfy and beautiful all season long. Winterize your feet at the day spa. Treat yourself to a pedicure spa treatment and massage.  (more…)

Spa Products to Use at Home

Massage therapy, massage, stress relief, relaxation, day spa, and aromatherapyHave you ever considered purchasing some of the salon products at your favorite day spa or salon? Maybe some of you already have, and the rest may not have given it a thought. Some of you like to use the same products the technician used on you. What’s nice about buying spa products at the salon right after your spa treatment is the technician can offer some insight on the products she used.  Mostly, you can continue your at-home treatment and make your spa visits last longer in between. Look at it as a cost savings; prolonging spa treatments.


There are many at-home spa products sold in stores and online. Coupons and sales are great for purchasing online. Even discount stores like fancy drug stores offer a wide variety of spa products.  It’s understandable that many of us have to watch our spending and live on a budget. Once in a while we can afford to splurge a little and buy our favorite aromatherapy oils and lotions, and a variety of nail polish colors. There’s no harm in saving, but there’s no harm in spending either – within our means of course.  (more…)

Enjoying Your Day Spa Visit

Massage therapy, massage, stress relief, relaxation, day spa, manicure, pedicure, human interaction, and human touch relaxationHave you ever experienced a Day Spa before? If you’ve never experienced a Day Spa before and would like to try it, ask your friends to recommend one to you. Word of mouth is usually a good reference locally. You really want it to be a pleasant experience, so why not do a little research on some local spas and look for reviews.

Some people complain about daily tension in muscles and joints due to their busy careers and family responsibilities. Relaxing at a local Day Spa is an excellent way for you to relieve the mental and physical symptoms of stress. Continual tension and stress can actually make your immune system ineffective leading to a lowered resistance to infectious diseases. Local Day Spas employ estheticians offering relaxing spa treatments such as massages, manicures and pedicures.  All Day Spas offer a welcoming and relaxing environment. The staff is friendly and nurturing, and is there to listen to your needs and offer treatment options. The goal you are looking for is stress relief and you are at the right place.  (more…)

Make Mine Marsala!

Manicure, pedicure, nail polish, nail polish colorsAre you one of those people who follow fashions hottest colors and trends for the New Year? Well if you haven’t heard already, the new hip hop hottest color of 2015 is Marsala. Marsala is a versatile, warm and rich color, with hues that evoke images of Indian spice and red wine. Pop artists Taylor Swift and Beyonce have been wearing the latest shade already. Reminiscent of a fine Italian wine, Marsala is thirst quenching.


The brownish red rich color of Italian wine is predicted to become the hottest hue for weddings too.  Just think of all the sexy dresses you’ll find in Marsala that you can mix and match with the perfect nail polish and jewelry. Wow, just imagine how hot and sultry you will look.  Some brides might even consider Marsala as their choice of bridesmaids dresses too. What a beautiful rich color for your wedding photos.  (more…)

Healing in the Waters

Spa, manicure, pedicure, body wrap, stress relief, relaxation, day spa, aromatherapyThe ancient Egyptians recognized the healing powers of water in 2000 BC.  The Romans were very strong believers in the power of hydrotherapy.  People travelled from all over England to Bath to wash away infirmities as early as AD 1138.  Several modern treatments have evolved from the ancient tradition of bathing.


Different treatments use water properties, such as pressure and temperature for therapeutic purposes, to stimulate blood circulation and treat symptoms of some diseases. Hot water immersion is said to be good for the heart and can lower blood pressure. A warm bath and hand soak before a manicure will quiet and soothe your body. The warmth we feel during a pedicure or body wrap at the day spa is a stress relief and an excellent form of relaxation.  (more…)

Soothing Power of the Human Touch

Massage therapy, massage, stress relief, relaxation, day spa, manicure, pedicure, human interaction, and human touch relaxationThe squeeze of a friends hand, a big bear hug, a relaxing kneading massage, even a little bedroom fun, it’s all about the human touch. Touching is shaping up to be the ultimate mind-body medicine. Touching or getting touched makes some people feel happier and less anxious, also feeling healthier. From lowering your heart rate and blood pressure to increasing immune function and relieving pain, the human touch is healing.


If you’ve ever had a massage you already know it helps you unwind. Even those quickie mall kiosk massages are a pleasure to have when you are on the run and pressed for time. During your massage muscles begin to unclench and your heart rate starts to slow a little. If you have high blood pressure, massage helps the numbers come down, and levels of the stress hormone cortisol may drop. You begin to feel recharged and happy with a robust immune system; all this because of the soothing power of the human touch.  (more…)