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Snack Attack!

day spa, pedicures, day spa services, manicure, healthy snacking, healthy snack recipeWho doesn’t like snacks? I love snacks. They are a great in between meal pick-me-up as long as you choose healthy snacking. Today there are many healthy snack recipes out there on the internet. If you are trying to avoid snacking then stay active and occupied. For instance, go for a manicure and pamper yourself. Use this treat as a way to stop a snack attack. Plus if your nails are wet you can’t put anything in your mouth LOL. It can be a challenge to avoid snack attacks, so why not try some healthy snack recipes that you can carry with you wherever you go?  (more…)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Day spa, day spa gift certificate, massage, massage therapy, manicure, pedicure, hair waxingEvery day should be Mother’s Day. Don’t ya think? After all, this is the wonderful amazing woman who gave you life. What a blessing. She deserves to be treated with love, respect and appreciation every day.  A mother’s love is like no other, and she will move mountains for her children.  Show Mom how much you love her by giving her a day spa gift certificate for Mother’s Day.  (more…)

Thank You!

day spa, day spa gift certificate, massage, massage therapy, manicure, pedicure, hair waxingThank you! These two little words are so powerful and often taken for granted. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of a “thank you”, it’s important know it’s value and truly be sincere. Some people use it as a reflex and don’t really feel its value. If you are going to say it, then please mean it and show it. A gift is a perfect way to say thank you. Why not show your appreciation with a day spa gift certificate? It’s a great unisex gift for men and women so it covers all the bases. They will love you for it.  (more…)

Great Colors for Summer

day spa, pedicures, day spa services, manicure, summertime nail colorManicures and pedicures are an absolute must for summertime. You’re living in pretty sandals and cute flip flops most of the time. So your toenails should be dressed in pretty vibrant colors to show off those sandals. Maybe you are a more neutral kind of girl who likes softer summertime nail color. That’s fine too.  You want your toes to be groomed and appealing. I love pedicures, not just for my toenails, but for the great massages too. The day spa massage chairs and the foot rub by the technicians are so relaxing both physically and mentally. Did you ever think a pedicure could relax your mind? Hey, I say whatever works just do it.  (more…)

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7 Common Types of French Manicures

Manicure, nail art, hand careHaving beautiful nails are one of women greatest assets, and taking care of them is even more important. When nail maintenance is needed, most women will find themselves visiting the nearest nail salon for a manicure treatment. And if they just want a day of spoiling, they can opt out to visit a day spa for the full package of services that include facials, body wraps, and massages. If the spa is equipped with its own nail salon, pedicures and manicures can complete the “me time” list.

Although there are many types of manicures like gel manicures and shellac manicures that are available in nail salons today, one of the most popular and requested with nail polish colors for spring is the French manicure. This manicure features a white nail tip with a clear coat covering. But if you want your nails to stand out from the norm, there are other choices to select from, which is discussed in the following:

• Colored French Manicure. Other nail colors than the classic white are used on the nail tip.

• Free Hand French Manicure. Painting the tip and other designs on the nail without using a template.

• Air Brushed French Manicure. The airbrushing technique sprays the colors on, using a guide on the nail to create the white tip. To add more creativity, designs can also be incorporated to add flair to the nail.

• Glitter French Manicure. Use a glittery top coat on the tips of nails to achieve the look.

• Stamped French Manicure. Use a KONAD Nail Art stamp to put tip and/or design on nails.

• Sequins French Manicure. Use a coat of clear gel polish; add glitter polish to tip of nails; then add sequin while wet to get the required look.

• Upside Down French Manicure. This includes uniquely placing the tip color at the bottom of nail and the color that would be used at the bottom of nail on the tip. The shape would be reversed at the bottom.

When it comes to choosing which French manicure is the best for your usage, there are few things to consider including health issues such as allergies, asthma, or bacterial nail infections. Then there is the cost of the procedure. Make sure it is within your budget for the first visit and the follow-ups. If you ask questions and do the research, then you will be able to decide which French manicure will best benefit you.

The Only Brittle we want is Peanut!

manicure, fingernail care, fingernail lotions, remedy for brittle nails, causes of brittle nailsDo you suffer with brittle nail syndrome? Well it’s not the end of the world. Seek a remedy for brittle nails that works for you. It’s so annoying when your nails start to grow and you think “wow, they’re lookin good”, and then they start to chip and break. I hate when I see that tiny little white crack on the side of a good nail.  You know that’s not going to end well. Sometimes it’s below the skin level which really means a big “ouch” if it tears or breaks off, it’s a bleeder.  (more…)

Nailed It!

manicure, gel polish, gel manicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massage


I don’t know about you, but a manicure is a fun and inexpensive way to lift my spirits and make me feel pretty.  We all need a little pampering and it doesn’t have to be expensive. With the abundance of nail polish colors for spring, we can play every week trying out different colors. Whether you’re the type that just wants to match your nails to your skin tone, or enjoys matching colors to your outfits, there are so many choices to play with.


When looking for a beautiful color to match your skin tone, think of this as finding your facial foundation shade. Check out these tips for matching nail polish to your skin tone.  (more…)

Get You A Shellacin’!

manicure, gel polish, gel manicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massage, shellac manicureI don’t know about you, but I just feel awesome with a new manicure and pedicure. I love being pampered. My mani/pedi’s are so refreshing and boost my self esteem. We all feel good when we look good.  Whether you have a regular manicure or high end, every working girl would benefit with a good manicure in the professional world.


It’s all about preference for most people. A basic manicure is fine. But when you want to go beyond the basics and explore other options, it can become confusing to know which one you want to try. So let’s take a look at the differences between Acrylic, Gel and Shellac Nails. I’m sure you will be able to decide which option is right for you.  (more…)

Are You Gellin’?

manicure, gel polish, gel manicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massage


If you are thinking of getting a gel manicure, talk to your day spa technician and ask questions. It may not be for you. It’s always a good idea to ask questions prior to any spa treatment.  There are pluses, but there are also some risks that might affect you and your health. For some it’s just a cost issue. A gel manicure costs more than a regular manicure because there is more involved and different products used. Many women prefer to have a gel manicure because it saves them time out of their busy home/work life because it will last longer so they don’t need to make frequent weekly trips to the salon for a manicure. Time is precious, yet we still deserve our little luxuries.  (more…)

Just Because It’s Winter Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Take Care of Your Feet!

pedicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massageOh that dreaded winter time again. Baby its cold outside. Time to put away the summer sandals for closed shoes again. Our poor tootsies, if they could only talk. Wintertime can be hard on the feet, literally. So it’s important to take care of your winter feet all year long.


Your feet really need a lot of love in the winter. They are tucked away in thick socks and boots, not getting any air and sweating. Boots and closed shoes fend off the cold. Dry air outside and overheated air inside will result in dry, cracked heels, and itchy peeling skin. It is important to properly clean, moisturize and exfoliate to protect your feet. This skin care regimen will help keep your feet feeling comfy and beautiful all season long. Winterize your feet at the day spa. Treat yourself to a pedicure spa treatment and massage.  (more…)