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Great Colors for winter

Manicure, pedicure, nail polish, nail polish colorsThe holidays come to mind when we think of winter time. Silver and gold, red and green abound as the colors of the holiday season. So with these festivities we also like to dress up for Christmas and New Years. Nail polish colors are an important part of our holiday attire. It’s a fun time to get a fancy manicure or pedicure with holiday flare.


Red nail color tones are always popular in the winter months. For some, that’s as festive as it gets. Others will go all out with decorative nail art and fancy glitter tones mixed and matched. But, there are still some people who desire a neutral color manicure and pedicure. French manicures are very pretty and popular for every season, not just the winter.  (more…)

Time to Think About Christmas Gift Giving

Pedicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massage, gift certificateIs holiday shopping, financial stress, work deadlines and family obligations stressing you out? You’re not alone! As much as we love the holidays, it can get pretty stressful. Reduce your holiday stress and anxiety with massage therapy.


A spa treatment is usually not a gift you think about giving yourself. Christmastime we are in the shopping mode for giving gifts to others. It might be a nice treat to give your best friend a gift certificate for a spa treatment at a day spa, and while you’re at it, why not throw in a manicure, pedicure and massage? Since you are feeling especially generous, treat yourself to spend the day with your friend and get your own massage.  (more…)

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Show Off Your Individuality

Manicure, nail art, hand careHave you ever walked into a nail salon and noticed other customer’s nails? I find it interesting to see some of the selections of styles and colors customers select for their nails. While I’m relaxing enjoying my manicure, I am amazed at the beautiful nail art I see going on right next to me. It really is an art. You definitely need a steady hand to design something so beautiful on such a small canvas.  Adding nail art to your manicure is a great way to show your individuality with style and confidence.

Your personality is very important in achieving success in life.  How you are perceived and judged by people is a big part of your personality and how you relate to others. Although most people form an opinion about someone based on their appearance first, having a good or bad personality can either gain a new friend or even blow a job interview. Appearance is very important and reflects good hygiene as well. It’s very easy for people to see past your physical flaws when your personality overshadows those flaws. It’s important to carry yourself with confidence and display your own individuality.  (more…)

Preparing for Your Manicure: 8 Tips

professionalmanicureA manicure is a relaxing treatment that not only makes your nails look awesome, it helps your hands feel nice. Your nail technician will perform your manicure for you and she will use any color nail polish that you would like. This means that you can match your outfit to your nails for that special big event you planned on attending. Preparing to get a manicure is one way to help you get ready for your big day at the spa.

1. Bring your choice of nail polish color with you. If you bring in your own bottle of nail polish, your nail technician will apply it to your nails for you. This allows you to touch up at home if for some reason you chip the polish. If you choose a color in-spa then you may not have the same color at home to do a touchup.

2. Choosing simple designs is best. Although you may want to go all out and get a design and squiggles, it is recommended that you choose something simple to keep it light. This will also guarantee that your color and design matches with everything you choose.

3. Before you go into the nail salon, remove polish. You can allow your nail technician to remove old polish for you, but if you are on a schedule or want to get straight to the massage and color, consider removing your polish at home first.

4. Being on time for your manicure is important. If you have an appointment to get your manicure done, arrive early. If you show up late, other people may be seen before you as they have booked appointments as well. Just because you are running late does not mean that everyone will accommodate you.

5. Always tip your nail technician. It is customary to tip your nail technician so you can be prepared by having your tip money ready beforehand. This also prevents you from having to pull out your wallet and scuff your nails.

6. Dress comfortably the day you get your manicure. This ensures that you will not be fiddling with buttons and zippers which can chip your polish.

7. Schedule your activities far enough out. A manicure can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on what is being done, etc. Always plan your activities a few hours after your appointment and plan on being at the nail facility for at least 2 hours to give you enough time.

8. Choose your nail polish color before your appointment. You can choose your color from the nail facility but you should choose it prior to your appointment so you are not standing there trying to choose and cutting into your appointment time.

Getting a manicure is fun and it will help keep your nails healthy and your skin soft. Stop by your local spa facility and have a manicure performed.

Hand Massage Therapy – Better Health in the Palm of Your Hand

hand massageThose seeking a manicure will be delighted to receive a hand massage before going home for the day. A hand massage is a type of massage therapy that specifically targets the hands. Hand massages are extremely beneficial to people who spend a great deal of time using their hands while they work. When massage therapists perform this type of massage, reflexology is typically used as well to target key points.

A hand massage following your manicure is beneficial for more reasons than just feeling good. Consider these benefits below.

Relieves Pain

A hand massage helps to relieve pain felt in the hands, especially from arthritis. A regular massage on a routine basis can help relieve any symptoms in your wrists, arms, and hands and will alleviate pain, which will allow you to grip objects. It also decreases the chances of flare-ups with arthritis.

Increased Mobility and Motion

Receiving a hand massage will help loosen any muscles in your hands and wrists that are causing tension. It will also eliminate the amount of scar tissue and adhesions present. The relaxation of these muscles will allow you to rotate your wrist fully and move your hands around freely without being stuck. Injuries from repetitive motions of the hands benefit greatly from hand massages.

Improved Circulation

Massage for your hands will help improve and increase the blood circulation to them. As more blood begins to flow throughout your hand, you will notice an increase in motion and relief from pain. Oxygen is able to get to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which will reduce tension as well.

Softer Skin

Hand massages after manicures are perfect for anyone who is suffering from rough skin. The massage uses lotion and will help smooth and soften the skin on your hands. Your skin will be refreshed and rejuvenated.

Other Benefits

The above benefits are related directly to the hands and the benefits of massaging them, but hand massages have other benefits as well. A hand massage, when performed correctly, will alleviate pain and other conditions including stress, mental strain, back pain, symptoms of the flu, decreased immunity, and addiction cravings.

Get One Today

If you are interested in a hand massage, head over to your local spa facility and have a manicure performed. Not only will your nails look and feel nice, your hands will also benefit. You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

A Manicure Can Be a Great Stress Reliever

professionalmanicureMany women opt-in to have their nails done through a manicure. This treatment helps keep your nails healthy and it also promotes relaxation. This relaxation also couples with stress relief and you will leave the salon feeling refreshed and renewed. A manicure can help reduce stress in your life and if you are looking for a great way to keep your hands looking beautiful, you found your solution.

A manicure is performed by a nail technician who has experience. The technician will remove any old nail polish from your nails and then proceed to the manicure itself. She will treat your cuticles, cut your nails, file your nails, and also give you a hand massage. The massage is perfect for relaxation and feels amazing. Once the massage is over, you will have a coat of polish put on your nails before you leave.

How Does a Manicure Relieve My Stress?

You are probably wondering how exactly a manicure relieves any stress you are feeling. When you go into the spa facility, you are able to sit down and begin relaxing right away. You can take your mind off of everything and focus on feeling good.

The massage helps to get blood flowing into your hand and helps reduce any tension that has built up in your hands. This tension can be from stress and it limits your mobility and causes cramps. The massage targets these areas and also trigger points to relax your hands.

Manicures also reduce stress by helping you relax which can have more than one benefit. Relaxation will help you calm down and relax all of your muscles. This can ease a tension headache, help you sleep, and improve your thinking overall.

More Than Just Stress Relief

Manicures are also important because they help keep your nails healthy. Without them, you could develop a nail fungus or broken and chipped nails. Hangnails hurt and they can rip the tissue surrounding your nails causing infection and sore fingers.

Get a Manicure Today

Start feeling some relief from your stress and get a manicure today. You will feel better about your hand’s appearance and you can take your mind off of your troubles.

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Manicure Trends for 2014

manicure trendsWhen you look at your nails, do you think “wow” or do you sigh in disgust? This spring and summer, don’t let your nails get you down and get a manicure that will keep them looking nice. Your nails are an important part of your outfit and many people will notice them. Think about it for a second. Whenever you hand off paperwork, point to something you want, or shake hands with someone, your nails are visible and someone is always looking at them. Proper nail care can keep them looking beautiful and you feeling confident.


Shellac is a popular choice in nail care today and many people choose to use it. It is a combination of gel and nail polish, which creates a natural look to your nails. The Shellac is not stiff and it has some flexibility to it and shines like beautifully maintained nails.

People that have Shellac put on their nails will have them dried under a UV light to help set the Shellac. It takes typically a few minutes to dry them.

If you are looking for an all-natural look, consider Shellac for your nails.

French Manicure

A French manicure is often desired by many individuals and the look is pretty. Your nails will appear natural and well maintained. You can choose from beige, pink, or nude bases with a white tip. The color is applied by your trained manicurist and she will evenly apply the color to get you the desired look you want.

It is important to make sure all of your lines are straight and that the tip is done perfectly, otherwise your nails will appear sloppy and will not look good.

Artificial Nails

Artificial nails, often referred to as acrylic nails, are another popular choice among women. Some women enjoy this type of manicure because they can pair it with nail art and really make a statement. With this type of manicure, you really never have to worry about how long your nails are to look good.

Acrylic nails are made by mixing together a powder and your manicurist will brush the powder over your nails. Your acrylic nails can then adjusted the way you want them and decorated for any event. It is important to remember that these nails require upkeep as they grow out.

Gel Nails

Gel nails are ideal for many women and the consistency is similar to a traditional nail polish. The gel is applied to your nails by your nail technician and she may even use appliques to help extend and lengthen your nails.

Once the coats of gel have been applied, your nails will then need to dry under a UV light to help them harden. This type of nail will hold color longer than acrylic nails and lasts a bit longer as well.

Nail Polish

Traditional nails polishes are always hot and you do not have to get any type of specific treatments performed on your nails. Some people prefer to have sexy, natural nails all the way. Some of the hottest colors this year are melons, nudes, and reds.

Nail polish is applied directly to your natural nail and then followed by a top coat to help seal in the color. You will love the natural look and it helps keep your nails healthy.

Head to the Salon

Start heading over to the salon or spa facility near you and get yourself a manicure. Your nails could use it and you will feel better about the way they look.

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a Manicure


Do you need a manicure?

Manicures have been used for a long time to help repair fingernails and also keep them looking nice. People will get manicures performed as a routine part of their beauty care and others will only have them performed before a big day. Whether you get a manicure on a regular basis or because you are going somewhere nice, there are reasons that everyone needs to get them done. Your local spa facility will have nail services available to help keep your nails looking fresh and clean.


It is important to keep your nails groomed and manicured to prevent fungus and damaged nails. You will know it is time to go to the spa when your nails are discolored or if you are finding multiple hangnails that keep ripping off.

When you go into the spa, the nail technician will be able to treat your nails and cuticles to help promote healthy growth. They can also remove any hangnails that you do have safely without causing you pain.


A manicure is perfect if you are going out for a night on the town or even going to a job interview. The manicure will help keep your nails pretty, smooth, and looking clean. When you go into the nail spa, the technician will prep your nails and also shape and cut them for you.

Once done, she will then apply a layer of paint to your nails to make them stand out and look professional. Painting your nails can help enhance an outfit.

Smooth Hands

If your hands are rough and dry, a manicure can take that away. When you go in for a manicure, your nail technician will rub your hands and also take care of them for you. This will leave them feeling silky smooth and they will be free from any rough patches.

You will be able to feel confident knowing that people are not staring at your dry hands.

Prevents Nail Biting

If you are a nail biter, you may want to consider a manicure. This will help you stop biting your nails because you do not want to mess up the polish on your fingers. Many women who have trouble with nail biting tend to get a manicure because it helps deter them from doing so and it keeps their nails and hands looking radiant.


If you are stressed out and looking for a way to relax, allow your hands to help you start. If you use your hands on a regular basis and they feel tight or tense, opt in for a manicure. You will be able to relax from the massage and you will feel much better afterwards.

Manicures are important because they can help boost your confidence and keep your hands looking beautiful. Many people go for manicures once to twice a month depending on how long their nail polish lasts. Nail care is important and if you are not keeping your nails in good health, they will chip, break, and discolor easy. Going in for a routine manicure will help you feel better and also relax you.

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10 Answers to Your Questions about Manicures

ManicureManicures are a great way to pamper yourself and make your hands look nice. When you go in to a spa for a manicure, you will be able to choose from different nail polish colors. Once the manicure begins, you will be whisked away to a paradise of relaxation. Your nail technician is experienced and knows how to manicure your nails to make them look beautiful and well taken care of. Not only will a manicure make your nails look pretty, your cuticles will remain healthy and your hands will stay soft.

Many women have questions about manicures and want to know more information about them before getting one done. This blog post will delve into the 10 most popular manicure questions and their answers.

What Can I Expect at My Manicure Appointment?

When you first arrive at the spa, you will be seated and your nail technician will remove any nail polish that is currently on your nails. Once done, she will then shape your nails and file them down for you. If they need to be cut, they will be at this point.

The technician will then place a cuticle cream or oil on your cuticles, trim them and push them back. After your cuticles are primed, you will then receive a hand massage. This massage will relax your hand and provide you with a nice experience.

After your massage, your technician will apply a coat of nail polish. You can choose which color you would like and you can even have designs added to your nails. Once the polish is applied, your fingernails will need to dry.

What is a Gel Manicure?

A gel manicure is considered a nail treatment that uses a gel substance to bind your natural nails to artificial nails. The gel is applied just like a traditional nail polish and this process adheres the artificial nail your nail. Your hand will then be placed under a UV light to dry and seal the nail.

Will a Manicure Hurt?

No. Manicures do not cause any pan and are actually very relaxing and feel good. If you do experience any pain, you should tell your nail technician immediately.

Are the Tools That They Use Clean?

Yes. The tools are sterilized and cleaned after every single use. The chemicals used to clean the tools contain a bacteria killing substance and will sterilize the tools for the next use. Often times, the salon or spa will allow the tools to soak in a solution for 10 minutes or so to completely disinfect them. In addition, nail files should be thrown away after each use.

Is My Nail Technician Trained?

Yes. Your nail technician has taken classes to learn the art of performing manicures and is also licensed to do so. This means they have passed all necessary requirements and tests. They are recognized by the state to perform their job.

Why Are My Nails Discolored?

Discoloration can occur for a couple of different reasons. One of the main reasons is because your nails are not receiving enough air. This can be due to nail polish sitting on the nails for an extended period of time or continually getting your nails done without any break in between. To avoid this, you should allow your nails to breathe for some time before getting another manicure.

Another reason for discoloration includes fungus. This will need to be medically treated.

How Often Should I Get a Manicure?

Many women get a manicure once a month; however, this will depend on you personally. Maybe you only want to have one performed for special occasions? You will also need to consider how fast your nail grows and how often you chip the paint. You can adjust how often you should get a manicure accordingly.

Can I Bring in My Own Nail Polish?

While the salon or spa has many different colors to choose from, you can bring in your own nail polish if you prefer and a nail technician will apply to your nails.

What is an Airbrushed Manicure?

The process of airbrushing will allow your nail technician to create art on your fingernails. The process is painless and is performed using an airbrush. Not every technician is able to perform this so it is important to ask first if you want nail art.

Is the UV Lamp Dangerous?

There have been mixed reviews about whether or not the UV nail drying machine is dangerous or not. Some studies have shown that there is no damage while others have said all UV rays can cause skin cancer. It is generally safe to use the machine, however, you can apply sunscreen to help protect your hands.

You can also ask to dry your hands with a fan or even an LED light instead of the UV light.

Spring Cleaning: How to Prepare Your Body for Spring Fashion

Spring BodySpring cleaning is not just for your home and performing a full spring clean on your body is the perfect way to get ready for this spring season. Think about all of the cute sundresses and bikinis you will be able to wear in a couple months. Now think about your body, is it ready yet? There are a couple different things you can do to make yourself ready for your big show off this season.

Leg Waxing

One of the first things you should do is get an upper and lower leg wax. This wax will take care of your thigh down to the end of your leg and will provide you with silky smooth legs that you can show off whenever you want. You will be able to feel confident knowing that you do not have any stubble, missed hairs, cuts, or razor burns.

Bikini Wax

In addition to a leg wax, a bikini wax is perfect if you plan on wearing a bikini to the pool or beach. The wax does not take long to perform and will leave your skin smooth and free from any hairs. This type of wax is ideal for anyone who plans on wearing a bathing suit that shows off their bikini area.

Mani / Pedi

A spa pedicure and spa manicure are ideal for anyone who wants to treat their hands and feet to a relaxing treatment. Throughout the manicure and pedicure, you will receive a series of different treatments including a scrub, massage, and even cuticle and callus removal. Once your manicure and pedicure are over, you can choose to have your nails painted any color that you like. The paint on your nails will be that extra touch to boost your appearance this spring.

Back Facial

Lastly, a back facial is perfect before you get ready to go out on the town this spring. Back facials are relaxing and will help to treat any acne that may be present on your back. They will also moisturize and exfoliate your skin allowing it to look its best.

Preparing your body for the spring and summer season is perfect because it allows you to get your body ready for that big day and you won’t be scrambling last minute to get everything done. Feel confident in anything you wear this spring and enjoy the weather.