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Manicure  // Posts tagged as "Manicure"

Are You Gellin’?

manicure, gel polish, gel manicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massage


Is a Gel Manicure For You?


Getting a manicure can be a soothing, pleasant experience for anyone. Yet manicures don’t last. The polish often ends up chipping after a few days, no matter what the manicurist uses for a topcoat. This is where a gel manicure can be a better option. This type procedure is a new beauty innovation. The gel polish can last up to two weeks without chipping, fading, crackling, or peeling.


A gel manicure is a simple procedure, but it is best done by a trained professional. First, the manicurist will file and shape your nails, then push your cuticles back. Next, a base coat is applied and allowed to dry, followed by the gel polish, in whatever color you choose. After the first coat is applied, you will place your nails under a special UV light for up to a minute. This sets and hardens the gel. Two more coats will be applied, and the UV light will be used after each coat. After your nails come out from under the light, they will be completely dry. The result is glossier and shinier than the polish used for a regular manicure.  (more…)

Spa Etiquette

spa, day spa, massage, massage therapy, relaxation, aromatherapy, autumn scents for the spaProper Spa Etiquette

Whether it’s a first time massage or your weekly manicure visit, etiquette is always important to keep in mind for a trip to the day spa. While you’re there to relax and rejuvenate, there are a few important spa etiquette tips to keep in mind.

Arrive On Time

Start your spa treatment right by arriving on time for your appointment. If it’s your first time to the spa, plan to arrive a few minutes early in case there is paperwork to fill out before you begin. This helps the spa employees and other guests avoid delays.

Turn Off Electronics

Visiting the spa is about relaxation, so be sure to turn off or disconnect your electronics when you arrive. No one wants to be halfway through a peaceful massage or pedicure, only to hear a cell phone ring!


Remember that some people find silence relaxing while others just need to get it all out. Whether you talk with your therapist during a spa treatment is up to you, but keep the other guests’ preferences in mind when you’re in public areas such as the waiting room, saunas, or locker rooms. Usually the spa center will have soft music or other relaxing sounds to listen to while you’re waiting.


Great Colors for winter 2015-2016

.Whether it’s fashionable or not, let’s face it everyone has their own style and taste.  Some of us just like certain nail colors we feel look well on us. There is nothing wrong with that. We will look at the latest and greatest nail polish colors for the winter 2015-2016 seasons.


Manicure and pedicure styles are diversified. Many color choices are being used from very pale to black. A simple plain manicure is fashionable as well as a manicure using nail art and embellishment accents.  Anything goes today.  Every nail polish is your own style so wear it well and enjoy it.  (more…)

Show Off Your Individuality

spa, day spa, manicure, pedicure, manicure designs, pedicure designs, nail careNail polish has always been the cosmetic of the people. Applying makeup and styling hair require skill, practice and an arsenal of pricey supplies. Painting one’s nails only requires a few bottles of nail polish.


Nail art is something that women of all ages, races and economic backgrounds can create. Some women feel that their complexions, skin color or features disqualify them from being able to enjoy cosmetics, and others feel shut out of the fashion world due to size or height. Nail polish poses no such limitations. As beauty and fashion blogs began to pop up on the Internet and gain credibility, nail art also exploded in a big way. Women form their own online communities around the little works of art they create on their nails. They don’t have to reveal their faces, just their hands. It is a very safe, comfortable way for women from all walks of life to join the global conversation about weekly spa treatments and thousand-dollar designer dresses.  (more…)

Glitzy, Gold Manicure!

.So let’s get your glitzy and gold on for the holidays. Now is the time for glitzy ways to dress up your nails and sparkle with a gold manicure for the holidays.  There is nothing more festive than a glitzy gold manicure. There is always several nail color choices of silver and gold and other metallic’s for the holiday season. Whether you want a straight gold manicure or some nail art design with some hints of gold and glitter, the day spa has the style for you this holiday. Go all out with a matching pedicure with some pretty nail art on your big toes just for fun.  (more…)

Natural Ways to Combat Affects of Stress

Massage therapy, massage, stress relief, relaxation, and day spaEveryone experiences stress from time to time, but a lot of people don’t know how to handle their stress holistically. Here are a few natural de-stress treatments to help you feel better in no time, ranging from noshing on a favorite snack to booking a day of spa treatments.

1. Go for a short walk to clear your head and increase endorphins.

2. Practice deep breathing. If you don’t know any breathing exercises, simply taking a few slow, deep breaths can help the tension to dissipate.

3. Visit a day spa. There’s nothing more relaxing than a day of pampering! Find a spa where you can book everything from massage treatments to a manicure and pedicure.

4. Practice visualization. Sit down in a comfortable space, close your eyes and picture a relaxing scene for a few minutes.  (more…)

The Art of Doing Nothing!

spa, day spa, massage, massage therapyIf you aren’t familiar with the art of doing nothing, now is the time to get very friendly with the idea of disconnecting and enjoying total peace of mind. The art of doing nothing is about understanding how important it is for our minds and bodies to experience sincere calm, mental disconnection from stress and complete mind/body relaxation.

I Want to be Pampered

When bodies and minds crave pampering, the benefits of day spa treatments go far beyond that of simply a good night’s sleep.

Day spa treatments are beautifully royal experiences for the body and magical moments for the mind. Spa massage treatments can be gentle enough for first-timers or more delicate systems. More physically seasoned folks may prefer massage treatments that melt cares away on an even deeper level. Massage not only thoroughly relaxes; it actually helps to move toxins out of the body for the benefit of promoting inner healing.  (more…)

Look Perfect For The Holidays!

.Visit a Local Day Spa

Spa treatments are the perfect way to look and feel wonderful for the busy holiday season. When you are exhausted from too much shopping and baking, then contact a local day spa for a quick foot, neck or back massage that releases your muscle tension along with relieving pain. Visiting a spa during the holidays does not require an entire day and is also an affordable way to maintain your health.  (more…)

5 Basic Strokes of Swedish Massage

spa, day spa, massage, massage therapy, relaxation, daily relaxation techniquesA Swedish relaxation massage is performed at the day spa by a masseuse using long strokes to massage the body. These strokes all lead back to the heart to help improve circulation and relax the muscles. A Swedish massage may also include other things such as kneading, stretching, circular pressure and more. This type of massage will help improve the circulation of blood in the body, assist in flexibility, and also decrease toxins in the muscles. Stress hormones are also significantly decreased and a boost in white blood cells from the massage will help ward off illness and boost your immune system.  (more…)

6 Ways Your Skin Changes in winter

happy young woman in red mittens over blue lightsIt’s no surprise our skin needs some extra TLC in the winter months. Between the cold bitter weather and heated homes, your skin gets dry and needs wintertime skin care. Even though you tend to wear closed shoes more in the winter months doesn’t mean you can let your pedicures slide. It’s just as important to continue regular manicures and pedicures even in the winter time. You should have a steady supply of skin care products for all year round. The day spa can help recommend beneficial products to use in the winter. A winter massage at the spa is a great way to give your body moisture with added essential oils.  (more…)