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It’s All About the Hair Today

spa, day spa, hair color care, hair color maintenanceDetermine Your Hair Type to Make Your Hair Look Beautiful

You can visit your local day spa for professional hair care from an expert. A spa technician can analyze your hair to determine its type to provide the best spa treatments. There are several hair types, including:

• Dry
• Oily
• Damaged
• Curly
• Thick
• Fine
• Frizzy

It is a good idea to use the appropriate hair care products for your type of hair to keep it looking its best while making it more manageable. Products for your hair include:

• Shampoo – moisturizing or repairing
• Conditioner – to smooth your hair strands
• Gel – to control your hair
• Dyes – to cover gray hair strands or change your hair’s color (more…)

Refresh With a Hydrating Facial

hydrating facialBenefits of a hydrating facial

Immediately nourish dry, flaky, dull skin with a hydrating facial. You can get a hydrating facial at a day spa or you can do one at home as part of your daily skin care regimen. Hydrating facials are important to skin care; they are designed to heal skin on a deep level by restoring moisture and balance.


One must first exfoliate the skin when applying a hydrating skin facial. To exfoliate you must cleanse your face first with a mild hydrating soap. One should use a mild hydrating soap as part of their daily skin care regimen. Once your skin is clean of impurities then you will apply an exfoliating scrub. Lightly rub a generous amount of exfoliating scrub into circular motions on your face. This will create a healthy skin glow. Dry your face and apply your favorite moisturizing lotion from your favorite day spa.



Do You Worry About Sagging Skin?


Saggy skin doesn’t only happen through the aging process but can also occur due to weight loss. A person who drastically reduces weight is most likely to suffer from loose skin issues. The young mom may struggle with skin care matters immediately after giving birth. Even a 50-year old could also feel the need for skin tightening after losing much weight in a short time.

Massage: The Secret Skin Tightening Formula

If sagging skin gives you sleepless nights and endless worries, a daily skin care regimen and massage therapy can fade the unwanted lines, enhance skin tightening, and give you back a radiant appearance. All the massage therapist needs to give you healthy skin are some oil drops and caring hands.

With just a few minutes of massage every day, you should be able to get healthy skin, revitalize the loose skin, as well as improve blood circulation. Kneading your skin cells can help save you from the signs of premature aging.



What are the Benefits of Laser Resurfacing

skin careLaser resurfacing is a skin care treatment that treats fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and many other skin irregularities by removing the surface layers of damaged skin.


Two types of lasers are used in this treatment; CO2 lasers, which use short-pulsed light beams, and Erbium lasers which emit light that is partially absorbed by water on the skin. Both are used to remove the cells damaged at surface level, but you will need to discuss with your doctor which is more beneficial for you, based on the symptoms you are looking to have treated. This method is much more effective than skin care products that claim to produce the same results. (more…)

Do You Know the Largest Organ of Your Body?

facial skin careThe Estheticians At Day Spas Can Provide Valuable Skin Care Tips

Professional skin care treatments are one of the best reasons for you to visit a day spa on a regular basis because your skin is the largest body organ. In addition to enjoying massage therapy that improves your body’s blood flow, it is possible to learn several skin care tips from an esthetician. If you don’t understand your particular skin type, then an esthetician can examine your skin to tell you if you have dry, oily or combination skin so that you can buy the appropriate skin care products. (more…)

Don’t Leave Home Without the Sunscreen


Sunscreen, sun, screen.

Skin is the largest of the body’s organs and protects everything beneath it. It is a valuable and beautiful part of the body and caring for it requires daily skin care as well skin checkups annually. Regular facials help skin looking and feeling good and skin care can include that as well as regular cleansing, exfoliating and adding moisture in the form of a lotion, cream or serum or a combination of those products.

No skin care regimen should be without the daily use of sunscreen to prevent sun damaged skin. It’s as easy as using a daily moisturizer with even more skin-saving benefits.

Sun damaged skin can lead to at best, early signs of aging such as brown spots and wrinkles, and at worst, skin cancer. A daily skin care regimen that includes sunscreen usage is the best and most effective way to care for skin. (more…)

All About the Brows!

eye browWhat is a Brow Wax?

Brow waxing is just one of the many day spa services. It involves applying a warm wax to the brow area, placing a sheet over the area and then pulling the hair away from the brow. A brow wax is inexpensive and can typically be completed within a few minutes. That is why it is one of the most popular day spa services. It is a simple service that can make a major difference is one’s appearance.

Brow Wax Maintenance

There are a couple of things that you will need to do to maintain your brows after you leave the day spa. The area may be irritated. You can soothe the area with a cool cloth. You can also use Aloe Vera gel to the soothe the area after you have it waxed. Additionally, you will need to tweeze the stray hairs that may be left behind from the wax. (more…)

Happy Mother’s Day

mother's day spa treatments

Mother’s Day should not be just one single day.  Mother’s deserve to be honored all year round. That special woman, who gave birth to you, had to make many sacrifices to raise you. You became her number one priority the day you were born. What better way to give her a very personal gift by giving the gift of a spa? Pamper your mom with a day of spa treatments.


Start off with a luxurious energizing facial. The spa technician can discuss skin care products for her skin type. She might also be interested in learning about anti-aging products. The time spent is sure to be relaxing and educational at the same time. She may also enjoy trying a brow wax if she has been tweezing most of her life. (more…)

Come On and Flex that Body!

flexCome On and Flex that Body: Massage Therapy

As the body continues aging, muscle flexibility decreases, making it difficult to maintain a regular exercise and workout routine. Fighting the clock is as easy as visiting the day spa for some relaxation and stress relief through massage therapy. Here are three incredible fitness benefits your body gains through massage therapy.

Flexibility & Tone

As you age, it might feel as if your muscles are becoming tough and brittle, making it more painful to workout and exercise. Don’t let these effects of old age discourage you from maintaining your regular fitness routine. A quick visit to the day spa will help you with muscle flexibility as well as muscle tone. Massages are a relaxing way to stretch out sore muscles, increasing blood flow and circulation throughout the body. If more oxygen becomes available to the body, then they become more flexible and repair themselves quicker when sore. Consider adding a regular massage to your fitness routine to boost the lifespan of your muscles.


The Day Spa Newbie!

day spa massage therapyThere is nothing like a day of relaxation at a day spa to provide immense stress relief and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Going to a day spa for the first time, however, can be a somewhat stressful experience in and of itself, if you don’t know what to expect. There are generally a wide variety of spa treatments to choose from, ranging from a simple manicure and pedicure to seaweed wraps, facials, massage therapy and sometimes even treatments like mud baths or a steam or sauna. Here is a brief guide for newbies of what to expect.


At the majority of day spas, you will generally be taken to a locker room of some kind, where you can leave your clothing and don a robe that has been provided for you. If you know in advance you will most likely need a larger sized robe, you can let them know over the phone when you book the appointment or call them in advance. Almost all spas keep larger robes on hand and this will save any last-minute unpleasantness or embarrassment. (more…)