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28 Sep Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Putting the “Ah” in Spa with Swedish Relaxation Massage

Putting the “Ah” in Spa with Swedish Relaxation Massage

Swedish massage is just one of many different types of massage that spa clients looking for a relaxing and therapeutic experience can choose. During Swedish massage, the massage therapist uses several different kinds of movements to detoxify the muscles. The therapist will use oils to make the massage more pleasant for the client, and will always move his or her hands toward the client’s heart. The movements used by the therapist include gliding, kneading, tapping, and circular motions. The pressure applied by the therapist varies in accordance with the client’s needs. All of these body works are done for a specific reason to aid in the client’s relaxation.

The benefits of Swedish massage include a feeling of rejuvenation and increased vigor, coupled with the characteristic relaxation feeling that comes from massage in general. The movements used in Swedish massage are helpful for reducing muscle cramps and releasing knots and tension, which is soothing, and also for increasing circulation to the muscles, which helps to energize them. Generally, Swedish massage is beneficial for anyone with sore or tense muscles or inadequate circulation. Muscle fatigue and muscle injury can be helped by a Swedish massage session. The techniques for increasing blood circulation used in Swedish massage can help people who have cellulite as well.The therapist will make sure to lubricate the area of the body to be worked in order to reduce friction and to increase the client’s comfort level, then will start with gentle strokes and will increase pressure as needed. The therapist may inquire as to the amount of pressure desired. It is important for clients of massage therapists to be upfront about any medical conditions they may have, such as soreness or muscle spasms. A good therapist will always make sure the client is comfortable before beginning the massage therapy session.

19 Sep Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Put Your Feet Up with Foot Treatments

Put Your Feet Up with Foot Treatments

Because feet are the most abused part of the body, they deserve regular spa treatments to keep them at their best. Women who wear high heels know how much their feet can benefit from a soothing pedicure at the end of a long day. Those who suffer from arthritis are also aware that taking proper care of their feet can make a big difference in their quality of life. Many women with arthritis or other conditions that create mobility issues can’t properly perform foot treatments on themselves, so getting a regular pedicure will help them feel well groomed and assist in alleviating foot pain.

Diabetics have special foot care needs because circulation is an issue for them. Relaxing foot massages server to increase circulation, and moisturizing spa treatments help keep the skin on the feet hydrated, which is another necessity for diabetics. Because people with diabetes need to be especially careful about receiving foot treatments because it’s essential that they avoid nicks, cuts or scrapes in the foot area, receiving the services of a well-trained, professional technician is a better choice than trying to perform feet grooming procedures at home.Professional treatments that include relaxing foot massages substantially improve the moods of those who receive them. People experiencing depression can benefit greatly from regular visits to a spa because human touch is known to have substantial healing powers. A great foot rub feels sublime and is also good for the health of the recipient.

Because many women are reluctant to spend money on themselves, gift certificates to top-quality spas make wonderful birthday or holiday gifts. No one has ever turned down an offer of professional foot care.

14 Sep Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Get Ready for (and Bounce Back From) Vacation

Get Ready for (and Bounce Back From) Vacation

You’ve been working hard and now you’ve finally planned your holiday vacation. Do it right with a soothing spa treatment before you head out and another when you return home to make it the best holiday ever.

Before You Leave

Whether you plan to lounge by the beach all day or trek up a mountain, you want your skin in excellent condition. A full body exfoliation treatment is like a hair-cut for your skin. It removes the dead layers and grimy build-up, leaving your skin bright, soft, and clean. While you’re at it, why not look your best with a fresh trim or funky, new ‘do? While you’re at it, let the spa professionals take care of those fingernails and toenails, too. A manicure and pedicure will insure that your hands and feet look their best. You’ll pick a polish color that suits you and the spa staff will take care of cleaning, trimming, buffing, and polishing those nails. Bonus: you’ll get a mini-massage in the process!

Upon Your Return

You’re back home now, but don’t let the holiday end just yet. Ease back into work with a little relaxation time at the spa. The change in routine caused by traveling can throw your body out of whack. Help yourself readjust with a deep tissue massage to release the stress you built up during your journey. A massage will stimulate blood circulation and loosen up sore muscles. Meanwhile, you get some quiet time to reflect on your travels. You deserve a soothing spa treatment before you make the transition back to work.

08 Sep Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Health Benefits of Body Mud Wraps with European Rose Mud

Health Benefits of Body Mud Wraps with European Rose Mud

Treat yourself to a Body Mud Wrap spa treatment and experience the natural healing properties of European rose mud. Each day, our skin is bombarded with toxins from chemicals in the food we eat and air we breathe. To combat these toxins, European mud has been used for centuries as an effective natural detoxifier.

Mud stimulates blood flow under the skin, which aids our bodies in flushing toxins from our systems. Mud is also deeply hydrating and rejuvenating for the skin. European mud has been found to help soothe skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin. European rose mud promotes skin cell renewal and stimulates the skin’s natural protection against damaging UVA rays, making Body Mud Wraps a healthy part of your skincare routine.

Application of European rose mud after body exfoliation allows the minerals in the mud to be better absorbed by the skin. As a result of a Body Mud Wrap, your skin will feel cleaner, softer, and more youthful. Additionally, European rose mud contains naturally high levels of minerals which have been shown to visibly smooth cellulite revealing tighter, firmer skin.

Body Mud Wraps are a soothing treatment against the stresses we encounter in our daily lives. Long-term stress in our lives can result in numerous health problems such as heart disease, sleep disorders, memory impairment, and weight gain, among others. The comforting effects of Body Mud Wraps reduce muscle tension, stress, and anxiety brought on by daily life. In all, Body Mud Wraps promote total body wellness, health, and relaxation.