Medical Massage

We accept Workman’s Comp with a physician referral. An insurance claim manager is on staff to assist you.

Medical massage is medically necessary and prescribed by a physician and it is approached with a specific treatment plan in mind. It has individual goals set for improvement within a certain time frame and is charted and progress notes are sent to the referring physician.

There are various reasons why a person seeks treatment oriented bodywork like medical massage. A specific event such as an injury from an auto accident or sports activity is traumatic to your body. Working to realign soft tissue and improve range of motion is a primary goal of any rehabilitation program. Medical massage can help achieve these goals.

Additionally, poor posture or repetitive motion strain can be detrimental to your muscles and other connective tissues by affecting tissue quality and causing muscles to either shorten or lengthen. Over time these conditions can adversely effect circulation causing a build up of metabolic toxins. Eventually, “knotty” tissue forms which can result in painful trigger points and generalized muscle soreness. As the body adapts to these dysfunctions, a pain-spasm-pain cycle begins which effects nerves and blood vessels, thereby creating more problems. Medical massage helps normalize dysfunctional tissue.

Rehabilitative Medical Massage

Therapy for clients with known, diagnosed pain syndromes and must be prescribed by your physician. The recommended frequency is 2 times per week for treatment of most syndromes.

Depending on the severity and state of the injury, how chronic or acute, you may need 3 to 6 weeks of specific, medical massage treatment in order to effectively treat the syndrome. Home care stretching and strengthening exercises may be prescribed in conjunction with therapy.

Treatable pain syndromes are numerous (i.e., rotator cuff syndrome, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome, tennis/golfer’s elbow, etc) and caused primarily by soft tissue injuries due to stress, trauma or overuse

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