I Love Watermelon!

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Well with the 4th of July finishing up with all the red, white and blue; how about adding the rest of the colors bursting with flavor for summer? This is the season we enjoy our mani and pedi’s because we can play with bright, bold and even shocking nail colors that really show our summer tan off. It’s fun to visit the day spa for a summer manicure with some sweet nail art designs. How about asking for a watermelon nail polish shade or watermelon nail art design? Your nails will look good enough to eat! Watermelon nails are a perfect summer mani.


You can really add a pop of color this summer with gorgeous shades of reds, oranges and pinks for your pedicure. Your toes will look so sexy in summer sandals. Shades of coral are very popular in the summer. They even work well matching with a coral lipstick. 


I love some of the fun and wacky names on shades of nail polish. I just polished my nails last night with a new shade by Essie called “Sunday Funday”.  I think it’s a cross between a coral and pink shade. It’s very pretty. I don’t know about you but I like to bring my own nail polish shades to the day spa or nail salon; mostly, because I like to have the color at home to use again or touch up.  You can never go wrong with a bright watermelon shade.


Manicure designs are very pretty and they are conversation starters when you see one that’s really unique. I’ve seen some odd and interesting nail art with little ornaments sealed on them. If you’re not into a full manicure with nail art, try it on just one nail on each hand. Some people like pedicures with nail art just on their big toe. It’s really a personal choice.