Vitamin C For Your Face

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Vitamin CWe always hear people being told to take vitamin C when you have a cold. The experts say vitamin C is incredibly essential for healthy skin care. This nutrient is responsible for creating and maintaining collagen, also referred to as the “glue that holds the body together.” Vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens blood vessels and gives skin elasticity and strength.


Vitamin C is water soluble. The body does not accumulate or store it. So it’s very important to get your daily dose of vitamin C.  Just getting your vitamin C can improve your hair, nails and skin. Many over the counter skin care products have the vitamin in their ingredients. The day spa offers skin care treatments and facials including vitamin C too. 


Vitamin C wards off signs of aging. Studies have been published stating that middle-aged women who consume more vitamin C from food sources appeared to have fewer lines and wrinkles, and fewer problems with dryness. The experts say that vitamin C delays the signs of aging due to free radical damage.


DIY Facemask – Vitamin C rich

Blend one kiwi and a half cup of papaya, and apply the mixture to your face. Wait 15 to 20 minutes; wash it off with cold water.


Other Vitamin C benefits include hair and nails. This is the most effective nutrient to help strengthen and grow hair. This vitamin also helps maintain the integrity of the nails by strengthening the skin, connective tissue, blood vessel walls and bones. Eating citrus fruits is the best route for optimal nail health.


Vitamin C is also vital for iron absorption. If you haven’t heard, iron contributes to your overall beauty and wellbeing.