Celebrate The Fourth of July!

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spa, day spa, massage, massage therapy, manicure, pedicure, facialsWhen we think of Independence Day, we think about planning summer parties and barbecues, children all excited waving sparklers and eating ice cream. We make memories every holiday for the family photo albums of pool parties and beach days and more. We are celebrating the Fourth of July, the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. We enjoy freedoms in this country that a lot of people in other countries around the world envy. We should never take our freedom for granted.


Most of us also look forward to a holiday for a day off from work too.  Our days off are usually filled with chores and appointments. It’s a nice treat when you can take some “me-time” and plan a day spa massage to relax and unwind. Maybe even a manicure and pedicure celebrating the Fourth of July with some red, white and blue nail art to make it fun. Celebrate your freedom with a soothing facial. Invite a few friends to your spa day and go out on the town to watch the fireworks at night. 


Protect Your Skin in the Summer

The beginning of summer is a good time to take precautions in the sun. In this sweltering heat we like to wear very little, so more of our skin is exposed while we are out and about. Don’t forget the importance of wearing sunscreen from head to toe.  Moisturize your skin daily to protect it from drying and extend your summer tan safely. Remember to stay hydrated drinking plenty of water. A little tip for ya, carry sun block in your purse for yourself and the little ones if you are out taking a walk in the park with the kids. Just 20 minutes of sunlight gives us our daily requirement of natural vitamin D.