For The Runner!

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day spa, pedicures, day spa services, cracked heelsIf you are a runner, you know how much stress is placed on your feet every time you hit the pavement or the jogging track. One way to provide your overworked feet with some needed relief is to get pedicures at a spa. For both men and women, there are several advantages to pedicure for runners.

Smooth Your Calluses

Runners will find it difficult to remove calluses completely. They even serve a function in toughening and protecting your skin. When they get too thick, however, they can be painful. When you get a pedicure at a day spa, the technician can file your calluses and make them smoother and more manageable.

Moisturize Your Feet

Many runners experience excessive dryness in their feet. This can create peeling skin and painful cracks. Pedicures usually begin by immersing your feet in a foot bath, which contains healing minerals. Creams and essential oils will then be applied to keep your feet smooth and to remove any dryness.

Relaxes Your Feet

A pedicure at a spa is a great way to relax the feet and ankles. This is a nice antidote to all of the impact your feet experience when running. At some spas, you may get a foot massage, which is especially good for promoting relaxation and stimulating circulation.

Relieves or Prevents Many Foot Conditions

Everyone, runners in particular, should take good care of their feet and watch for problems such as athlete’s foot and other fungi, ingrown toenails, blisters and other issues. Getting regular pedicures can help to prevent such conditions.

These are some of the reasons that pedicures for runners makes good sense. If you find a good spa in your area that offers pedicures, you can begin to experience the relief and relaxation that this practice offers to runners.