Summertime Means Wedding Bells!

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These days, day spa bridal parties are a popular alternative to bachelorette parties. This is a hot trend with health-conscious brides who want to look as radiant as possible for their weddings. They’re choosing to skip traditional bachelorette style parties involving high calorie junk foods, binge drinking and the possibility of trashing their appearances completely. It’s much more appealing to get pampered with wholesome beauty treatments instead.

If your health and appearance are important to you, this is an idea you can implement as well. You and the other ladies from your wedding party can get indulge together in a fun day of pampering that includes manicures, pedicures, facials and massage therapy.

These services will leave you and your friends looking gorgeous and refreshed. Want to shine your brightest on your wedding day? If so, we recommend timing your day spa visit so that your bridal party will arrive at the spa just in time to get gorgeous before the big event.

You all will want to look sensational in front of the camera. After all, your group will be immortalized forever in the wedding photographs that will fill your cherished keepsake wedding album. A fun day of preparation will help immensely with that.

Massage is a fantastic way to relax, unwind and beautify before your wedding. Did you know that massage can give your skin the appearance of a healthy glow, and make your complexion look much more radiant? This is an ideal treatment to experience before your big day.

A massage can also help you melt away the stress that builds before your wedding, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the challenges you’ll face as you enter your new life as part of a married couple.

A fun spa getaway can also help you bond with your bridesmaids and your maid or matron of honor. This is particularly wonderful if any of you have been out of touch for awhile.