Medical Massage

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Instead of relying on pain medications after an injury, find a professional massage therapist who can perform medical massages. Massage therapy is considered a valuable method of providing painful injury relief by many physicians at medical clinics. Patients can also undergo an assortment of massage therapies designed for chronic pain relief from conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis at day spas.

Stroke Methods

Because individuals needing painful injury relief are often unable to sit or stand for long amounts of time, many forms of medical massage permit reclining on soft tables. Swedish or shiatsu massages are frequently used for chronic pain relief because therapists can use gentle or strenuous pressure along with a variety of strokes that are suitable for each patient’s health condition.

Relieving Discomfort

Certain types of massage, including deep tissue methods are also appropriate for temporary conditions such as relieving the discomfort of sore tendons and muscles. Myofascial massage also offers excellent benefits such as improving an individual’s blood circulation along with releasing tight muscle tension and relaxing pinched nerves.

Natural Healing

Lymphatic drainage techniques using massage therapy can lead to lymph nodes in a client’s body releasing hormones that help to heal damage naturally. By improving the body’s immunity levels, an individual receiving medical massage does not need over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers that have unpleasant side effects.

Personalized Massages

Painful injury relief using warm water is also helpful to keep individuals comfortable while undergoing massage therapy. Watsu massage focuses on gentle stretching movements as the therapist supports their client. This massage technique is useful for patients with mobility issues that make it difficult for them to undergo traditional massage methods. After meeting with a massage therapist, an individual can discuss their injuries to develop a personalized course of treatments.