De-Toxing Those Toxins

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DetoxDo you want to remove toxins from your body for better health? You may have gone to great lengths to change your diet, drink healthy concoctions and exercise to keep chemicals and poisons from entering your body. But did you know that a full massage can also release toxins built up in your muscles? One way to remove stubborn toxins from the body and relax at the same time is to get a soft tissue massage.

How do Toxins Get in Your Muscles?

Massage therapy is a lovely treat. Massage is soothing, restful, relaxes muscles and eases pain and stress in your body. You may not be intentionally placing toxins in your body, but they can still accumulate due to unavoidable environmental substances in the air and water. Sometimes toxins can also build up due to medications you take.

How does Massage Remove Toxins from Muscles?

Having a massage not only soothes the lumps and bumps in your muscles but also releases toxins that have built up in your muscles. Massage helps increase your circulation, which in turn improves your body’s ability to remove toxins that may have been stored in your muscles. The toxins are then free to move through your blood and lymphatic system and be released. Massage also stimulates electrical systems to move to the part of the body being massaged. This body electricity removes toxins from that area. The toxins are then released from the body naturally through the body’s elimination system.

Most massage therapists also recommend drinking lots of water before and after a massage to further dilute toxins and release built up muscle toxins from the body. Having a healthy massage will help you gain and keep your body healthy and free of toxins.