Sensitive Skin and Facials

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Skin care, daily skin care regimen; sun damaged skin, healthy skin, facials, medications and facial interaction.If you have sensitive skin, then it’s your responsibility to make sure your aesthetician is aware of that before she gives you a facial. If you visit a day spa or salon for any kind of skin treatment, you could experience skin irritation, redness, tingling and other similar effects. People all have different skin types. If you know someone who just went to a spa to get an anti-aging facial, don’t assume that her experience will be exactly the same as yours. If her skin isn’t sensitive or reactive, she might experience zero unpleasant effects from the facial. If yours is sensitive and rather reactive, on the other hand, you could experience a whole array of things from redness to breakouts and beyond. Remember, no two individuals have the exact same skin types.

If your skin is particularly sensitive and delicate, a discussion with your aesthetician can prove to be very helpful. She may be able to suggest to you specific facials for sensitive skin, for example. If your complexion reacts poorly to “standard” facials, a more mild option might be appropriate for you. Some facials make use of gentle exfoliants that aren’t harsh on the skin. If you want a gentle facial, ask your aesthetician about treatments that involve enzymes, for example. These types of facials generally don’t make people feel irritated or inflamed afterward.

Facials aren’t necessarily suitable for everyone, either. If your skin isn’t suited to facial treatments, you don’t have to frown, though. Day spa services offer a wide range of relaxing procedures that have nothing to do with the skin on your face. If you want to beautify your nails at absolutely no risk to your face, you might want to opt for a pedicure or manicure. Nail health, like skin health, is something you should always prioritize.