Get In The Zone

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Young woman is having pain in neckYour first trip to a day spa can cause anxiety and nervousness. There is no need to be nervous since the spa is ready to spoil you with luxurious treatments that invigorate and calm the senses. Day spa services range from manicures, massages, whirlpool baths and more. Massage therapy is a great way to relax your muscles and improve circulation. Whether it is your first visit or you are a regular, your massage therapist will explain the treatments before they begin. Relaxation techniques can help you prepare for your spa appointment by deep breathing.

Reflexology consist of using a light touch therapeutic massage that promotes harmony and balance between the body’s organs and systems. Energy pathways may be blocked and that can lead to physical illnesses. A day spa offers a variety of treatments to enhance your well-being and promote good health and wellness. Not all spas operate the same way so you should ask questions if you are unsure about anything. Let your massage therapist know about your personal needs such as sensitive areas or injuries.

When it comes to spa etiquette, practice good hygiene before your appointment. Leave off perfumes, lotions or oils when preparing for your appointment. Plan extra time for your appointment in case you want to take advantage of different spa treatments. Never feel rushed to get in or out of the spa. The purpose of your appointment is to relax and unwind.

Your first visit will require filling out a health questionnaire by the receptionist. Your massage therapist needs to know about your medical history. When you are called back for your appointment, you will be asked to undress. It is not mandatory for you to take off all your clothes if you are not comfortable. Undress to your personal level of comfort and enjoy the pampering.