Top 8 Preventative Health Checkups

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Health CheckA health check up is an examination normally taken so as to determine your health status. Its main aim is to prevent or find out any health issues that may affect you in the future. Having regular checkups is essential to your body as it ensures you a healthy living.

Blood Pressure Screening

At least, you should have your blood pressure checked annually, blood screening is important as it may prevent heart related diseases. If diagnosed with blood pressure, you may be given a preventative medicine.

Blood Glucose Test

The level of blood glucose in your body needs to be tested especially when you have any symptoms of diabetes. This prevents your body from risk factors that cause diabetes.

Dental Examination

Keeping your dental health is important, regular dental checkups can prevent any problems with your teeth as the dentist may discover early signs of tooth decay.

Skin Examination

Checking your skin every time you visit a dermatologist is crucial to your health, this enables the doctor to screen your skin and check for any early signs of cancer.

Eye Checkup

Your eyes are very precious and you should protect them dearly. Get regular eye examinations to prevent health risks like eye blindness.

Check Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol screening is essential as it reduces the risk of getting heart disease. High amount of cholesterol in the veins and arteries prevents smooth flow of blood.

Breast Exam

Women are advised to have their breasts screened at least annually to prevent the risk of getting breast cancer. Breast cancer is a serious disease and may lead to a person losing her breasts.

Body Mass Index

It involves measuring of your weight and height, being overweight may indicate obesity. Obesity is associated with diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.


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