5 Essential Oils for the Body, Mind and Soul

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Aromatherapy, essentials oils, peony flowersHave you ever inhaled the fragrance of freshly mowed grass and felt an immediate sense of joy? That’s essential oils at work. Have you ever held your face close to a bouquet of red roses and felt your mood dramatically improve? That’s essential oils, too.

Essential oils offer a number of beautiful benefits for healing the mind, body and soul.
Here are five of our favorites:


Chamomile flowers can be brewed to create a calming pot of tea, but that’s not the only way the daisy-like flower is used. A few drops of Roman chamomile essential oil sprinkled on a pillowcase can help to induce a restful night’s sleep.

Clary sage

Every woman should know about Clary sage. Known to balance hormones and reduce menstrual cramping, Salvia sclarea also eases the hot flashes of menopause. Many day spas that specialize in women’s health utilize essential oil of Clary sage.


Essence of Zingiber officinale flower and root stimulates digestion and elevates mood. Ginger essential oil may alleviate painful arthritis and sooth the nervous system, as well. Many day spa services use ginger essential oil.

Pink grapefruit

Essential oils of Citrus paradisi can help to keep you alert while enhancing your short-term memory. Grapefruit essential oil is also known to relieve fatigue during long airplane rides and road trips. A couple whiffs of grapefruit oil can be almost as energizing as a trip to a day spa.


Also known as marigold, calendula flower provides an essential oil that can alleviate skin conditions such as psoriasis. Calendula essential oil may be mixed with corn starch to make a soothing, anti-chafing body powder.

The more you know about essential oils, the better you can incorporate their bountiful benefits into your healthy lifestyle.