Happy Feet!

27 May Posted by in Blog, Pedicure | Comments Off on Happy Feet!

Happy feetIt’s sandals season! During the summer months, bare feet are an inevitable accessory at the beach, poolside, and elsewhere. That’s why it’s important to treat your feet right. In order to avoid an infection that makes you want to bury your toes in the sand, taking extra time to pamper your paws this summer is a must.

If you haven’t treated yourself to time at the day spa, now’s your chance! A day spa is the place to achieve happy feet. Day spa services include massages, facial and skin treatments, and the grooming of your feet into pretty pads that you can show off in your favorite new sandals. The first order of business at the day spa is to get a great foot massage.

Schedule yourself a foot reflexology session–it’s a must. During your reflexology session, you’ll experience deep relaxation from the touch of a professional reflexologist. You can expect the specialist to apply a comfortable amount of pressure to specific, localized points on your feet: toes, arches, and heels. This method of touch is renowned for its healing properties, its aid in relaxation and circulation, and a lasting overall sense of health and well being.

Up next: the pedicure. Summer is a great time to experiment with bright colors. Various shades of white and other neutrals are also on-point this year, and a classic French Manicure never goes out of style. Your pedicurist will help you find the best shade and will groom your feet to perfection. Trimmed cuticles, deep exfoliation, and evenly trimmed nails will set the groundwork for the lovely color you’ve chosen.

Now that you’ve experienced an awesome reflexology session at the day spa and have shiny, chic nails, you just must find yourself walking on sunshine with happy feet. Go find out for yourself–enjoy!