Help! My Heels Are Cracked!

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day spa, pedicures, day spa services, cracked heelsCracked heels are a real pain right? They are those unsightly dry, scaly patches of skin on your heels with deep cracks that sometimes hurt pretty badly. You really don’t want to wear your new summer sandals when you have cracked heels. Regular pedicures at the day spa will take care of that problem for you, and you can feel pretty in your sandals again.  Having a monthly pedicure will keep your feet healthy and moisturized. Applying foot cream products at night is a great way to maintain your pedicure in between spa visits. 


Causes of Cracked Heels


The skin on your heels is prone to dryness and this can really escalate by improper foot care. When the skin gets too dry, it loses most of its elasticity. The result is cracked heels and other foot ailments. Very dry summers and/or cold winters can cause dry, flaky skin.

Excess weight is another issue. Being overweight, or pregnant, can cause severe calluses. The increased weight puts pressure on the feet, especially on the heels, and this will cause more calluses. Extra weight expands the heel, which will crack or split the skin through the callus.

Certain types of footwear should be avoided to prevent pain and problems. But wearing no footwear at all and going barefoot is even worse. High heels, thongs, and open backed or sling back sandals can cause heel discomfort and dryness.

Standing at work or home for long periods of time can cause harm to your heels and feet in general. Hard floors, especially ceramic tile floors are very hard on your feet. You should consider wearing orthopedic footwear if this is a big problem for you.

Be aware of any general health issues you may have. Diabetes is very dangerous especially for the feet. It can decrease the moisture supply to the body, causing more dryness. Thyroid problems can also cause cracked heels.