Snack Attack!

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Who doesn’t like snacks? I love snacks. They are a great in between meal pick-me-up as long as you choose healthy snacking. Today there are many healthy snack recipes out there on the internet. If you are trying to avoid snacking then stay active and occupied. For instance, go for a manicure and pamper yourself. Use this treat as a way to stop a snack attack. Plus if your nails are wet you can’t put anything in your mouth LOL. It can be a challenge to avoid snack attacks, so why not try some healthy snack recipes that you can carry with you wherever you go? 


Snacking is an opportunity to fuel your body between meals. Let’s face it, everyone has busy schedules. So we find snacking is quick and easy and suppresses hunger for a while. Between work life, family and school chores, and caring for senior parents, everybody has something keeping them busy. It’s difficult to fit in a breakfast or lunch hour. Come on, aren’t we all on the run these days?

So while enjoying your day spa services, why not indulge in a light snack while having your pedicure? Here are some options to consider.


Day Spa Snack Ideas


Cream cheese filled celery – this is very popular. (or substitute with peanut butter)

Baby carrots – no peel, no fuss and easy to transport and enjoy

Yogurt with fruit and honey – already prepared or mix your own

Whole wheat crackers with Swiss cheese

Shrimp – Shrimp with cocktail sauce great for any occasion.

Strawberries and chocolate – dip fresh strawberries into melted chocolate. This is a fun idea for spa parties. Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Cucumber and watercress sandwiches – on toasted whole grain bread

Exotic cheeses – served on wheat or grain crackers

Veggie wraps – buffet style for create your own

Trays of fresh fruit and vegetables – for dipping into zesty sauces layered with spices

Small salads – with a variety of gourmet dressings

Mini muffins – assorted flavors like cranberry mandarin, honey almond, or blueberry mint