Thank You!

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day spa, day spa gift certificate, massage, massage therapy, manicure, pedicure, hair waxingThank you! These two little words are so powerful and often taken for granted. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of a “thank you”, it’s important know it’s value and truly be sincere. Some people use it as a reflex and don’t really feel its value. If you are going to say it, then please mean it and show it. A gift is a perfect way to say thank you. Why not show your appreciation with a day spa gift certificate? It’s a great unisex gift for men and women so it covers all the bases. They will love you for it. 


So how do you decide what type of spa gift certificate to give the person you want to thank? Keep in mind these gifts have many uses and gift giving reasons. Saying “thank you” with a spa gift certificate is just one of them. Well let’s look at some steps to narrow it down for you.


How to Choose a Spa Gift Certificate


Know the recipient – Knowing the type of person will help you decide if they would really enjoy a facial, or maybe they are not the type to be comfortable with a massage. A sports massage might be a great choice for your son’s football coach.


Be thoughtful – Select a spa treatment you think the recipient would really enjoy and seem thoughtful on your part. Just giving a blanket amount is not as thoughtful. Show them they mean something to you. There are so many services to offer. Would they enjoy a manicure, pedicure, facial or even a full body massage?


Make it convenient – Certainly find a day spa convenient to their location. Choosing a spa in your neighborhood an hour away is not convenient and might be stressful for them. It’s supposed to be fun for them.


Be timely – Get the gift there on time. You want to say thank you immediately when deserved. Sending a gift a month later might lose some of its intended meaning.