What to Look For In a Massage Therapist

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spa salon TherapistMassage is a personal choice and for many of us we want to feel comfortable with our massage therapist.  Some men and women have a gender preference immediately. This is normal. It’s a matter of your comfort level. There are many massage therapists and day spas out there today. If you are not happy with one try another. If you’re not comfortable, chances are they might not be either and wouldn’t mind you seek someone else.  Lay the ground rules before your appointment by requesting someone who fits your needs.  This will save you time and embarrassment. The focus is having a great massage experience and relaxation.


So before choosing your own personal massage therapist, you should understand some basic information about the massage therapy industry.  The massage therapist you select should be certified or licensed by the state in which they practice. They should carry professional malpractice insurance.  It’s also beneficial although not required, for the massage therapist to keep session notes (to refer to your treatment and needs when they meet with you at regular sessions). Another plus is if your therapist is certified in any other modalities, such as, reflexology, sports massage, lymphatic drainage, just to name a few.


Tips for Finding the Right Massage Therapist for You


  1. Ask friends, family, co-workers and doctors for a good referral.
  2. Make a list of what your needs are (the type of massage you are seeking).
  3. Look at massage locator systems online at major massage association’s websites like – ABMP, AMTA and IMA.
  4. Call your states licensing board for licensed massage therapist in your area..
  5. Try a few different types of massage and therapists. You want someone relatable to you.
  6. Check in to see how you are feeling. Tell your therapist how you’re feeling. If their response is unconcerned, find another therapist.