Waxing Time!

17 Apr Posted by in Blog, Spa Treatments | Comments Off on Waxing Time!

waxing legsOK ladies we all know waxing is not the most pleasant experience, but the outcome is worth it.  Well some might still debate this.  Waxing can be painful but it lasts much longer than shaving and using hair removal creams. If you don’t choose to wax all year round, then with summertime right around the corner it’s a good time to catch up and visit the day spa for a little pampering and seasonal maintenance.


Waxing has become very popular for men and women all over the world. The most common services year round include upper lip, eyebrow and underarm waxing. As summertime approaches, you’ll want to look your best and stubble free while shopping for your new sexy bathing suit. 


Depending on how much and where you want hair removed down in your bikini area, there are a variety of waxing services that can get the job done. The most common waxing service is the bikini line and Brazilian waxing.  These services are longer-lasting hair removal options. They are clean and convenient. If this is your very first bikini wax, the best choice for you to start off with is just the bikini line wax. It’s not as intense as a Brazilian wax.  The bikini line waxing is just that, it focuses on the areas that are visible while wearing a swimsuit (just the front and sides).  The Brazilian wax is going to remove everything totally bare.


Your day spa offers different types of waxing as well as skin care products for the before and after hair waxing process. They have trained technicians who do this every day and know how to make you comfortable. If you are comfortable with just a bikini line wax then just have that done.  The bikini line wax is perfect for every season, and summertime is no different!