At First Blush!

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The right blush can change the whole complexion of your face. Many of us find selecting the right blush a challenge.  It’s easy to get confused with so many gorgeous shades to pick from. Sometimes the easiest way is to ask a professional. Why not treat yourself to a facial at the day spa?  Have a professional technician make up your face, teaching you about your complexion and the perfect shades for your skin.  Once you have the basics, you can pretty much go it alone if you choose. Your makeup technician can also help you with a skin care regimen fit for your skin, along with skin care product recommendations and makeup tips. It’s really a win win of valuable information personalized just for you. 


So blush is meant to be natural and subtle looking makeup.  Too much blush is clownish and too little blush makes you look pale and washed out.  This is why it is important to first know your skin tone to find the perfect shade for you. Skin type is categorized into 3 groups, fair skin, medium skin and dark skin. Select a peach shade and a pink shade for your skin tone. Regardless of the makeup look you are going for, you should have a peach shade and a pink shade to go with your makeup shades.


Skin Type Color Tips


Fair skin – you burn easily and get freckles. Some of you have porcelain skin. Lighter is better for you when you are picking a shade. Apply the color to the apple of your cheeks and blend back toward the temple. For highlighting your cheeks you want to pick something for fair skin that’s a light champagne color.


Medium skin – this is the most common skin tone with 80% of women falling into this category. You want to find rosy pinks and deep peaches.  These are the best blushes for medium skin.  If you choose too dark you will look like a clown, and too light will look ashen. For highlighting on medium skin toned, the best thing to use is a pale golden or warm gold. Don’t use a champagne color or a light color as it will look to frosty on the skin.


Dark skin – you want to choose colors from rose to deep oranges. Ever notice how dark skin gals wear bright colors well?  Light colors will make you look washed out and pale. For cheek highlighting using a gold color is stunning. Using a champagne color will look to frosty against the skin.