If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

06 Apr Posted by in Blog, Massage, Spa Treatments | Comments Off on If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

massage, massage therapy, day spa, healthy eating, healthy living tips, skin care, well beingMy blog today is so fitting for what I am about to tell you.  Sometimes it takes a life changing diagnosis to really open your eyes, take a step back and question your well being.  Healthy living tips and healthy eating are probably things we take for granted every day.  We have a routine and it normally works for us.  We think we are eating well and getting enough sleep and exercise. So when bad things happen to good people like myself, close friends and family, you get a wake-up call and take notice.  Something needs to change. 


A week ago my whole world was turned upside down.  In a weeks’ time, my life went from normal to doctor appointments, hospital tests, and a life changing diagnosis with major surgery.  So what do you do? Well, the first thing is you cry, panic and get angry.  Now you are adding even more stress and tension to your system.  This is not good.  It’s very hard; I won’t kid you about this.  I am now faced with Breast Cancer at 56 years old and a single woman.  Devastated doesn’t even begin to explain my emotions. But, do things really have to change? Well obviously things are going to change. Some changes will be my own, and other changes will have to be accepted, and life goes on.


It’s time to pay even more attention to the foods I eat.  Make it my business to walk more and relax more.  It’s ok to make time for me and the things I enjoy doing.  Develop better sleeping habits and reduce stress. Maybe I will try Pilates or Yoga for the first time in my life. Pay attention to my aches and pains and treat myself to some massage therapy at the day spa. It’s all about me now.  My whole life has been helping others and caring for others.  I have to learn how to take care of me because I’m worth it. I got a second chance!