Turn It Off!

03 Apr Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Turn It Off!

Massage therapy, massage, stress relief, relaxation, day spa, spa treatments, muscle relaxant use, muscle relaxants, affects of muscle relaxantsIf you are spending time at a day spa, you know that the whole point of the experience is to relax and enjoy yourself. However, too many people are unable to truly do this, as they bring their cell phones everywhere they go. With smartphones as developed as they have become, people are now addicted to their phones, and many have a hard time separating themselves from the worlds inside their phones even for a short time.

However, if you are going to be going in for spa treatments, you need to be aware that it is a basic part of spa etiquette to turn off your cell phone while you are there. Since you are there to relax, it is common sense that having your cell phone turned on so that you can readily answer calls, texts, or emails will defeat the purpose of being there. If you do not care about that, fair enough, but it will also disrupt the spa experience of the people around you who also came to the spa to relax and unwind. You can make choices for yourself, but it is not fair at all to subject others to those choices, especially when they themselves specifically made sure that their own phones were turned off so that they could fully experience the spa environment without distractions.

A cell phone ringing can be a truly jarring and irritating sound to someone who does not want to hear it. For you, you should also note that if you are going in for a spa treatment, being so aware of the state of your cell phone will take you out of the moment and keep you concentrating on the possibility that someone may contact you. Don’t detract from yours and everyone’e experiences – turn it off!