Can You Help Me? I’m having a Spa Party!

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day spa, spa treatments, spa parties, spa environment, spa etiquetteSpa parties are very popular these days.  They are a fun way to get the girls together for some laughs and added spa treatments for a fun evening.  Make it a girl’s night out party and a sleepover. Add a little wine and cheese to your spa environment and it will be a blast. Plan your party and decide how you want to handle things. If you have a hostess coming with products, discuss this beforehand.  Ask what services will be offered and how will money be handled. You want to have an enjoyable evening, but you don’t want to make your quests feel uncomfortable or pressured to buy anything. 


Here’s How to Have a Spa Party


  • Start off by making a list of people you want to invite to your spa party. Inviting 5 people is more than enough. Invite your close friends and family.
  • Give out invitations in advance. Mail or email is fine. A week or two prior to the party is sufficient. Give the address, date and time, and tell them what to bring with them.
  • Start preparing the day before the spa party. Organize the room with work stations for face area, manicure and pedicures, and beds for massages.
  • Have all your products ready. Make sure you have all your lotions and creams in their proper areas.
  • Hang a sign outside your door with a spa theme. You can also tie balloons to your mailbox outside, making it easy for your guests to find your place.
  • Make some healthy foods and snacks to share. Sandwiches and crackers and dip are great. Also a fresh fruit platter and veggies goes nicely.  Don’t forget the wine and cheese for a little more fun.
  • If you are having a sleepover, choose a chick flick movie to watch after your spa party. Make popcorn and finish off the snacks.
  • Play soothing music to put you and your guests in a relaxed spa mood.
  • Have goody bags with spa treatments ready for your guests as they arrive. Everyone enjoys a freebie gift before they actually buy spa products.