Proper Footwear A Must!

23 Mar Posted by in Blog, Pedicure, Spa Treatments | Comments Off on Proper Footwear A Must!

day spa, pedicures, footwear for getting pedicures, day spa servicesFootwear should be mandatory everywhere.  I honestly don’t understand why people walk around barefoot.  I see them walking barefoot into stores and even with little kids.  Come on people, let’s get real. This is just wrong on so many levels.  It’s so easy to get an infection, pick up glass or even a disease from walking barefoot. Let alone it’s simply poor hygiene as well.


This goes for day spas too.  It is important to wear sandals to the day spa for a pedicure.  If you are wearing closed shoes, they will supply you with those throw away pedicure sandals rather than have you walk barefoot around the day spa. The day spa will request no bare feet on premises. It’s for your own good and insurance purposes. 


Wearing pedicure flip flops when applying nail polish is very important. They make your toes stay separated from each other. So while you are waiting for your toenails to dry, you can walk around the spa freely without worrying about smudging your toes. Besides getting a mess free pedicure, the pedicure sandals also help with the perfect alignment of your toes. The spreaders in the footwear between the toes help improve the alignment of the bones in your feet which will increase stability.


Women always love to go to salons to get a body massage or have their nails done. Getting a massage or a pedicure in the salon can be very inconvenient when you are wearing closed shoes. Chances are, the nails which have been well-polished will get damaged and scratched. If this happens, it would such a waste of money. This is why when going to the day spa you need to bring a pair of flip flops to wear whether you are getting a foot massage or a pedicure.


You want your spa visit to be relaxing and enjoyable. You can only achieve total relaxation when your feet are comfortable. So go to your favorite day spa and wear the proper footwear for getting pedicures, and let yourself go.  Enjoy a great pedicure and foot massage.  Your tootsies will love you for it.