The Only Brittle we want is Peanut!

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manicure, fingernail care, fingernail lotions, remedy for brittle nails, causes of brittle nailsDo you suffer with brittle nail syndrome? Well it’s not the end of the world. Seek a remedy for brittle nails that works for you. It’s so annoying when your nails start to grow and you think “wow, they’re lookin good”, and then they start to chip and break. I hate when I see that tiny little white crack on the side of a good nail.  You know that’s not going to end well. Sometimes it’s below the skin level which really means a big “ouch” if it tears or breaks off, it’s a bleeder. 


Fingernail care is part of good hygiene and should be added to your skin care regimen. Fingernail lotions are helpful for nails and cuticles. When you are applying hand lotion, rub the lotion on your cuticles and fingernails too. Fingernails need moisture, especially if they are dry and brittle.


We all know that our bones get brittle with age.  Our nails get brittle with age too, which is the most common cause of the condition. Some other causes of brittle nails are – too much exposure to water, soap and detergents. Health issues like hypothyroidism which is an endocrine disorder affect the nails. Malnutrition affects your nails and body. Non-stop use of nail polish can also cause brittle nails.


There is help for brittle nails. A remedy for brittle nails is b-complex vitamins also called biotin. The vitamins are meant to help strengthen nails, although there is little evidence to suggest they actually improve brittle nails. The best help is to practice good hygiene, and let your nails breath between nail polish applications. Always use gentle soaps on your hands. Of course, if your problem is severe you should see a specialist. You may have another health issue you are not aware of that might require some tests.