Nailed It!

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I don’t know about you, but a manicure is a fun and inexpensive way to lift my spirits and make me feel pretty.  We all need a little pampering and it doesn’t have to be expensive. With the abundance of nail polish colors for spring, we can play every week trying out different colors. Whether you’re the type that just wants to match your nails to your skin tone, or enjoys matching colors to your outfits, there are so many choices to play with.


When looking for a beautiful color to match your skin tone, think of this as finding your facial foundation shade. Check out these tips for matching nail polish to your skin tone. 


Matching Nail Polish Color to Your Skin Tone

  • Complexion mattersMatch nail color with skin tone for best results
  • Pale skin/light colors. Dark skin/dark colors
  • Metallic’s make medium skin tone appear even more tanned
  • Fair skin – Go for blue tones, and stay away from yellow tones which can make you appear paler.
  • Medium skin – Go for gold tones and colors with warm undertones
  • Not all nudes look alike – try some to see what works best. Dark, Medium or light, some of you still may prefer a nude shade.  It’s your choice.
  • Choose a shade with white undertone to complement and brighten your skin tone
  • Have your nail technician at your day spa help suggest shades for your skin tone.


So this spring there are many color choices for manicures and pedicures. Springs best shades are classic bright and nude shades. Berry, canary yellow and dusty rose are in, according to Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Here are some other nail polish colors for this spring – Seafoam Green, Blushed Pink, Mustard Yellow, Metallic Navy, Bright Boysenberry, Peachy Nude, Teal Blue, Sunset Orange, Bare Lilac, Shear Gray, Powder Blue, Dusty Rose and Red Hot Pink.