Beating the Sun with a Facial!

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Skin care, daily skin care regimen, facial, healthy skin, spa treatment, day spa, UVB rays, UVB rays, sun-specific facials.Everyone warns us to protect our skin from the sun. We are constantly being advised to use protection when exposed to the sun.  This is not hype.  This is real solid advice. The sun can severely damage your skin and sometimes cause skin cancer. Having a daily skin care regimen is very important for proper skin care and healthy skin. 


UVA and UVB – What’s the difference?

UVA is ultraviolet radiation between 400-320nm wavelength and UVB is between 320-290nm wavelengths.  The shorter the wavelength is the higher the energy of radiation. UVA rays account for 90 to 95% of UV radiation that reaches the earth. While UVB makes up only 5-10% of solar radiation, its high energy damages surface epidermal layers and causes sunburn. UVB is strongest between 10AM and 4PM, from April to October and do not significantly penetrate glass. UVA is present equally throughout the daylight hours and throughout the seasons, and can penetrate cloud and glass. UVA penetrates deeper layers of skin and causes tanning. However, both types of UV rays can cause skin cancer because they damage skin cells and alter their DNA. Both types of rays also contribute to premature aging of skin.


Of course if you already have sunburn you are not going to have a facial just yet.  Your skin is too sensitive and any exfoliation may be uncomfortable. Speak with a professional technician to advise when it is safe to have a facial for your skin type and sun exposure.  Allow 24 hours after a facial treatment before sun exposure. When you have a facial, your skin is lightly exfoliated causing fresh skin to be prone to burn and hyper pigmentation.


When I have sunburn on my face, I love to use Aloe Vera gel. It is so healthy and healing. After a few days I enjoy a facial to remove impurities and clogged pores.  I tend to have combination skin and sometimes the sun helps my skin heal minor breakouts on my face. I’m not recommending anyone should do this for breakouts though.  Sun exposure should be in moderation and always use sunscreen, SPF 15 or higher.  Everyone is different and you should always be cautious because we all know that the sun causes skin damage.