Relaxing Between Spa Visits

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Day spa, spa treatments, spa cleanliness, spa environmentLet’s face it, one of the main reasons we go to the day spa is for a little stress relief and relaxation.  Spa treatments are a great way for us to get away from the daily grind and life’s stresses with a little pampering session to calm our nerves and body while clearing our head. This is all well and good, but it is important to know how to relax between spa visits too.  Going for a massage, and walking out back into a high energy lifestyle will result in short lived relief and healing.  It’s important to stay focused and relaxed even after massage therapy so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Stress causes havoc both mentally and physically on the body.  Learn relaxation techniques to balance out your stress. 


When we relax, we are slowing down a bit and recharging the body. This is very important for both body and mind.  People are so engrossed with technology and glued to their smartphones, they forget to relax and breathe. Day spas can be found all over the world offering wonderful spa treatments for relaxation.  From full body massages to a simple pedicure, it’s a great way to take a little “me time” to unwind and recharge.


But what you do between spa visits can make all the difference between healing yourself and wasting your time with short term relief. There are many ways you can relax between


Tips for Relaxing Between Spa Visits


Meditation – peacefully sync your thoughts meditating with a word or mantra.

Deep breathing – help relieve stress and feel inner calm by focusing on your breathing.

Yoga – practice the art of yoga

Good sleep habits – being rested is a good remedy for stress. Even naps can do wonders for energy and synergy.

Crafts and hobbies – doing things we enjoy are also ways to de-stress and unwind.