Getting a Facial the Day of a Special Event

11 Feb Posted by in Blog, Skincare, Spa Treatments | Comments Off on Getting a Facial the Day of a Special Event

skin care, daily skin care regimen, facial, healthy skin, spa treatment, day spa, skin tightening, multi vitamin facial, sun damaged skin, dry skinMany of you may be wondering if it is wise or safe to get a facial the same day as a special event.  A few of you might not think it’s a big deal.  I don’t think it’s a good idea, especially if it’s something you have never tried before and don’t know how your skins reaction will be. Even if you don’t think you have sensitive skin, you still can’t be sure of your skins reaction to the ingredients used.  Facials are wonderful for leaving your skin beautiful, soft and glowing. My suggestion would be having a facial a few days before a special event. 


How far in advance should you have a facial for a wedding? My suggestion would be to have a wedding facial a week before the wedding.  Anything is possible so I would err on the side of caution. You certainly don’t want irritations, bumps or blemishes sprouting up on your big day and showing up in your wedding pictures. It would be wise to get a facial the week before the wedding. If you are a frequent facial person and know that you have no issues with your facials then the choice is yours if you feel confident then go for it closer to the wedding.  You are the best judge based on your experience.


I’m sure having a basic gentle facial the day of an event would be fine as long as you already know you won’t have any issues from past experience. Of course you want to look and feel special for your event, so why not give yourself a healthy glow to boost your self esteem and self confidence? Go for it!! I would strongly suggest you do not try anything new or any chemical peels the day of a special event.  Why risk a problem?