What to Avoid Before and After Hair Removal

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Skin care, daily skin care regimen, facial, healthy skin, spa treatment, day spaDo your homework before you do any kind of hair removal spa treatment.  Everyone is different and many of you have sensitive skin or other health issues.  Hair removal is generally safe when done correctly and by a professional day spa technician.  There are several DIY home applications that you can purchase over the counter as well.  Just be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully. Also, try a test patch area before going for the whole treatment yourself.


Ladies, our skin care regimen should be a priority for having healthy skin. Hair removal may not be an issue for everyone. Some of you are quite content with just shaving. But there are still many women who have facial hair that may be unsightly to them and embarrassing. For those women there is help. Some of you do fine with bleaching facial hair, yet others need more help depending on the severity of facial hair. Waxing is not easy for some.  My own experience with eyebrow waxing was a disaster.  The technician applied very hot wax which ripped my skin off and bled. I never tried that again. Good old tweezers work fine for me now. 


Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for Hair Removal



Exfoliate your face before hair removal.

Take aspirin 30 minutes before waxing. Sources say this helps with pain.

Make sure hair is at lease ¼ of an inch long before waxing.

Take a warm shower before hair removal. Warm water opens pores and lessens pain of hair removal.



Don’t use tanning beds or go to the beach. Recently sunned dermis is going to be in a lot more pain during waxing than one that’s nice and pale.

Don’t wax if you have skin sores, scabs, cuts or breakouts.

Don’t use moisturizers, lotions or creams at least 24 hours before you wax. Waxing won’t work well.