The Importance of Cleanliness

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Day spa, spa treatments, spa cleanliness, spa environmentAs you may have guessed, spa cleanliness is a big concern for day spa owners as well as their clients. Many clients may have health issues that could be dangerous if they come in contact with germs, bacteria or fungus.  Clients with these issues will usually take their own precautions to protect themselves. For the day spa, cleanliness is the first in order. Cleanliness and sanitation is important in protecting the spa as well as its clients. The State Board of Cosmetology sets basic sanitation procedures that must be complied with of a day spa can very well loose it’s licensing and be shut down. 


Basic Hygiene – After washing hands, instead of using a dry towel or paper towel to dry, most spas provide clients with a moist sanitized towel kept in a towel warmer. Most spas will not reuse anything on their clients. Many nail salons today that I know of offer a nail kit for each individual client consisting of nail file and wood cuticle stick that they will assign a spot with your name and it is yours whenever you come in to the salon. I have been to salons where I did not get offered my own individual products and have seen a technician take a tool right out of their supply box unsanitized and only change a blade for foot callus removal. This was upsetting to me. This can be very dangerous especially for those with serious diseases like diabetes. Needless to say I never went back to that salon. Sterilization is mandatory and there is no excuse.


Spa-goers generally have a common concern about the cleanliness and condition of the spa they go to.  For the owners of the spas, the top priority, along with increasing sales and expanding business, is to maintain high standards of spa cleanliness among all areas of the spa, including, bathrooms, floors, countertops and all spa equipment. Every effort should be made to avoid having your business warned or even shut down by the Centers of Disease Control.  An unclean spa will cost you clients and your business.