Are You Gellin’?

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If you are thinking of getting a gel manicure, talk to your day spa technician and ask questions. It may not be for you. It’s always a good idea to ask questions prior to any spa treatment.  There are pluses, but there are also some risks that might affect you and your health. For some it’s just a cost issue. A gel manicure costs more than a regular manicure because there is more involved and different products used. Many women prefer to have a gel manicure because it saves them time out of their busy home/work life because it will last longer so they don’t need to make frequent weekly trips to the salon for a manicure. Time is precious, yet we still deserve our little luxuries. 


Gel manicures allow us to wear polish for weeks at a time without experiencing a single chip. So yes, the plus side is gel manicures will last longer than a regular manicure.  A long 3 week hold that continues to look fresh until you take it off. That’s something to rationalize when worrying about cost. Gel polish has a gorgeous selection of bold and beautiful colors. There is no smearing, chipping, smudging or scratching off ever to worry about. And best of all, gel nail polish is free of harmful chemicals. Easy application with smooth, self-leveling polish gets rid of unsightly ridges and bumps. Gel polish is an advanced nail polish that actually strengthens your natural nails.


A home manicure is hard for some people.  It can be messy and frustrating, not to mention they take forever to dry and doesn’t really last long.  Salon manicures and even a gel manicure are worth the time and expense just to be able to relax and be pampered with a little hand massage too!  I have not had a gel manicure myself, but might try it someday.  It’s always good to expand your horizons.  For now I’m just as happy with a regular manicure.