Just Because It’s Winter Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Take Care of Your Feet!

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pedicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massageOh that dreaded winter time again. Baby its cold outside. Time to put away the summer sandals for closed shoes again. Our poor tootsies, if they could only talk. Wintertime can be hard on the feet, literally. So it’s important to take care of your winter feet all year long.


Your feet really need a lot of love in the winter. They are tucked away in thick socks and boots, not getting any air and sweating. Boots and closed shoes fend off the cold. Dry air outside and overheated air inside will result in dry, cracked heels, and itchy peeling skin. It is important to properly clean, moisturize and exfoliate to protect your feet. This skin care regimen will help keep your feet feeling comfy and beautiful all season long. Winterize your feet at the day spa. Treat yourself to a pedicure spa treatment and massage. 

Easy ways to care for feet this winter


Clean and moisturize – wash feet with a hydrating cleanser to keep them from drying further.

Moisturize when wet – apply moisturizer right after every bath or shower

Polish foot skin – use a pumice stone or metal file on feet once a week to keep them smooth

Heal your heels – daily use of a mild chemical exfoliate cream containing lactic acid helps rid unsightly heel cracks.

Be protective – Don’t wear wool socks. Wear soft cotton socks. Wear slippers or socks in the house. Walking barefoot creates fiction which dries feet out.

Get shoe-smart – wear the right footwear. Make sure footwear fits well and does not rub against the skin causing calluses on the feet.

Oil them up – moisturize feet before bed using oils containing linoleic acid which prevents evaporation, keeping feet healthy and moist. Safflower or grapeseed oil are good choices.

Wrap them – When your feet are really dry, wrap them in plastic at night to help oils penetrate your skin. Another choice is slathering petroleum jelly on your feet and wearing cotton socks to bed. Your feet will feel and look soft and smooth in the morning.