Multi Vitamin Power Facial

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skin care, daily skin care regimen, facial, healthy skin, spa treatment, day spa, skin tightening, multi vitamin facial, sun damaged skin, dry skinThe multi vitamin power facial is a highly recommended facial for dry, dehydrated, hyper-pigmented and dull devitalized skin. It consists of a combination of vitamins to visibly reduce signs of premature aging with hydroxyl acids to exfoliate and stimulate cell renewal.


One of the hardest things for us to accept when we get older is the appearance of our skin. We tend to look closely at fine lines and loose skin, as well as age spots and dullness.  Well we don’t have to give in to the aging process.  There are steps we can take to rejuvenate our lifeless dull skin.  Eating healthy is a big help and most important. Always use UV protection daily under your makeup and body to protect your skin from sun damage. Follow a daily skin care regimen to keep your skin looking fresh and alive. 


There are so many facials to choose from at your day spa. Discuss them with your technician and let her help you determine which one is best for your spa treatment.  When you are choosing your facial treatment, try a multi vitamin power facial. This type of facial is perfect for anyone who is in need of a fresh young glowing face.


Multi vitamin facials are beneficial for all skin types. This spa treatment can benefit almost anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have combination skin; this facial will make you look and feel young again. The multi vitamin power facial provides younger looking skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, mostly around the eyes and mouth which are common problem areas on the face. Fragrances and artificial colors are a problem for some people causing inflammation of the skin. Another big plus of having a multi vitamin facial is they don’t contain any of those ingredients.


Truth is you will enjoy having any facial, but this a one you should really try because you will be revitalized, rejuvenated and rehydrated.