Improve Your Flexibility

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Massage, massage therapy, healthy living, sleep habitsWell we all know it’s tough to get old.  As we age our bodies stiffen up and circulation slows. Our bones become more brittle and need calcium and other medications due to health issues that come with aging. Some of those medications cause muscle and joint pain. You know what they say – helps one thing and hurts another.  We do what we can to stay healthy and exercise. We’re always looking for some form of stress relief.  Massage therapy improves your flexibility.



Massage therapy benefits aging. Massage will help loosen those tight stiff muscles and get your circulation moving, not to mention it just feels so darn good to go to a day spa and be pampered. Some older folks are a little apprehensive about a first time massage.  Not to worry though, your massage technician is trained and understands your stress. They will do all they can to make it a very pleasant experience for your relaxation.


Benefits of Massage


Ease muscle pain – Massage therapy helps improve circulation to sore muscles in the same way that rubbing your elbow after banging it on a table helps relieve pain.


Soothe anxiety and depression – The human touch done professionally can be therapeutic and relaxing. Women diagnosed with breast cancer reported being less depressed and angry with the help of receiving massage therapy three times a week.


Improves sleep – Massage encourages a restful and comfortable sleep. Massage therapy promotes relaxation and stress relief.


Boosts immunity – Massage boosts white blood cell count, which plays a large role in defending the body from disease.


Headache relief – Massage decreases the severity and frequency of tension headaches. Some people say it eases the pain of chronic tension headaches.


Counteracts sitting long periods – Sitting long periods of time affects postural stress. Desk workers have more advanced signs of postural stress. Prolonged periods of sitting cause pain and weakness in the low back. Massage helps counteract the imbalance caused by sitting.