Make Mine Marsala!

02 Jan Posted by in Blog, Manicure, Nail Care, Pedicure | Comments Off on Make Mine Marsala!

Manicure, pedicure, nail polish, nail polish colorsAre you one of those people who follow fashions hottest colors and trends for the New Year? Well if you haven’t heard already, the new hip hop hottest color of 2015 is Marsala. Marsala is a versatile, warm and rich color, with hues that evoke images of Indian spice and red wine. Pop artists Taylor Swift and Beyonce have been wearing the latest shade already. Reminiscent of a fine Italian wine, Marsala is thirst quenching.


The brownish red rich color of Italian wine is predicted to become the hottest hue for weddings too.  Just think of all the sexy dresses you’ll find in Marsala that you can mix and match with the perfect nail polish and jewelry. Wow, just imagine how hot and sultry you will look.  Some brides might even consider Marsala as their choice of bridesmaids dresses too. What a beautiful rich color for your wedding photos. 


When you’re out shopping for your beauty products, look for the perfect Marsala nail polish for your spa manicure and pedicure to compliment a Marsala lipstick and blush. Marsala shade is the perfect color to help you transition into the classic look. Wine shades pair nicely with deeper plums and burgundy shades.  You might even be interested in a shimmer or matte eye shadow in pink or plum shades to compliment the Marsala nail polish. We’ve already been seeing a resurgence of the 90s style brown lipsticks. Try a more flattering way to wear the look now with a glittery red-brown gloss with shimmer particles. This makes lips looks fuller and more defined.


No matter how you mix or match shades of Marsala in the beauty products you choose this year or the evening dress for your friend’s wedding,  you can be sure that heads will turn when they see you coming in the hottest color of the year. All eyes will be on you for sure.