Healing in the Waters

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Spa, manicure, pedicure, body wrap, stress relief, relaxation, day spa, aromatherapyThe ancient Egyptians recognized the healing powers of water in 2000 BC.  The Romans were very strong believers in the power of hydrotherapy.  People travelled from all over England to Bath to wash away infirmities as early as AD 1138.  Several modern treatments have evolved from the ancient tradition of bathing.


Different treatments use water properties, such as pressure and temperature for therapeutic purposes, to stimulate blood circulation and treat symptoms of some diseases. Hot water immersion is said to be good for the heart and can lower blood pressure. A warm bath and hand soak before a manicure will quiet and soothe your body. The warmth we feel during a pedicure or body wrap at the day spa is a stress relief and an excellent form of relaxation. 


Relaxing and Healing Effects of Hydrotherapy


Water is essential for life survival and is known as nature’s healer.

The benefits of aquatic therapy are:

  • Calms the internal organs
  • Calm the endocrine system
  • Stimulate nerve reflexes on the spinal cord
  • Have favorable effects on the skin and muscles


Many of us look forward to going for a manicure or pedicure because it’s our way of getting a little much needed relaxation and pampering to make us feel good about ourselves. A Mayo Clinic study found that soaking in hot water has many of the health benefits of exercise with less strain on the heart. Water is used for more than just relaxation.


Medical professionals around the world use hydrotherapy to:

  • Relieve fibromyalgia and arthritis pain
  • Increase injury and surgery healing
  • Improve sleep and relieve insomnia
  • Ease anxiety and stress


Next to the air we breathe, water is the most important thing we will ever put in our body. The human body can go longer without food than it can without water.  That’s how important water hydration is to our body’s well being.